The Gentleman’s Guide to Amputation

The Gentleman’s Guide to Amputation
Don’t forget your kit!
Let’s say you and your sidekick are out pursuing justice, and one of you takes a bullet to the arm. Or perhaps you get bitten by a zombie and want to stop the poison rushing through your body. Oh, horrors! Amputation is the only way to go!

But how many of us actually know how to perform an amputation? How many of us could roll up our (elegant) sleeves and do the deed?

Never fear, there’s a poster to help, with all the gory details laid out in lovely drawings. It even includes a list of all the tools you’ll need to have on hand. (Though, that part of the poster does make it look as if you’ll need a spare hand and arm, which as far as I can see you don’t.)

Just the thing for the gentleman on the go.

[image via imgr]


  1. Deborah Lacy

    Thank you for this excellent resource.

  2. Christopher Morgan

    Time for brandy?

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