For The Americans, (Spy) Family Life Gets Messy

Wednesday, Feb 26th begins the sophomore season of one of the most raved about and recommended new crime shows. Here's a tantalizing peek at what's ahead for the deadliest travel agents in the suburbs, including commentary from Keri Russell (who plays KGB spy Elizabeth Jennings, forced to become a wife to Phillip and to give birth to Paige and Henry as part of her deep cover) and Matthew Rhys (who plays Phillip Jennings, Elizabeth's husband and the children's father as well as a lethal operative). Were you already hooked in Season 1, and if you weren't, what are the chances you'll climb aboard the red wagon for Season 2?


  1. Albert Tucher

    I’m definitely on board. I loved the way the first season toyed with my sympathies. All the characters are anguished by the choices they face, yet ruthless enough to overcome their misgivings.

    Keri Russell, cast against type, is reason enough to watch, but there’s so much more.

  2. Susan Stokes

    Now of Course I trust Absolutely Not One Person…So Glad it was renewed!!

  3. Terrie Farley Moran

    Hooked in season one. DVR’d the first episode of season two–and my DVR stopped recording seen minutes in. You can bet that this week I am watching as broadcast–commercials and all.

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