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April 20 2017

Mapping the Mad Bomber of New York City

Especially prescient in today’s times, Michael Cannell's Incendiary whisks us through the streets of Manhattan—to Grand Central, Times Square, Penn Station, Radio City Music Hall—where...
June 30 2016

This Book Is Not About Vladimir Putin.

Cold by John Sweeney is the 1st Joe Tiplady thriller (Available July 1, 2016). Cold is a made-up story inspired by things I’ve seen with my own eyes and whispers I’ve picked up...
June 23 2016

Review: First Strike by Ben Coes

First Strike by Ben Coes is the 6th thriller featuring CIA operative Dewey Andreas (Available June 28, 2016). Ben Coes’s First Strike—the 6th in his series featuring Dewey Andreas,...
February 16 2016

Cover Reveal: First Strike by Ben Coes

First Strike by Ben Coes is the 6th thriller in the Dewey Andreas series where ISIS troops invade U.S. soil and take 500 college students hostage. Pre-order your copy today! (Available June, 28...
July 13 2015

Fresh Meat: Assassins by Mukul Deva

Assassins by Mukul Deva is an international thriller that jumps between London and India and follows Ravinder Singh Gill as he tries to stop a high-profile double assassination (available July 14, 2015). The...
July 8 2015

Fresh Meat: Sympathy for the Devil by Terrence McCauley

Sympathy For The Devil by Terrence McCauley is a modern espionage thriller featuring a long-hidden, international intelligence network turning against itself and to terrorism (available July 14, 2015). Fans...
May 25 2015

A Commemorative Bouquet of Links for Memorial Day

For this Memorial Day, we offer our best wishes, deepest thanks, and a commemorative bouquet of military-related links:   Author Joseph Koenig's personal list of the Best Fiction of...
February 25 2015

Agent Carter 1.08: Season Finale “Valediction”

On its eighth and final episode of the season, “Valediction,” Agent Carter comes to something of an awkward conclusion. In many respects, the show does a workmanlike job of bringing...
February 14 2015

Fresh Meat: Last Days of the Condor by James Grady

Last Days of the Condor by James Grady is a espionage thriller focusing on a silver-haired CIA agent who is now nearing retirement, heavily medicated,  and under constant surveillance (available...
November 10 2014

Fresh Meat: Fear City by F. Paul Wilson

Fear City by F. Paul Wilson is the final book the Repairman Jack: The Early Years trilogy set in New York City in 1993 (available November 11, 2014). For new fans of F. Paul Wilson’s popular...
The Occult Hand
October 11 2014

How to Get Away with Murder 1.03: “Smile, Or Go to Jail”

I’ve never been great at remembering people’s names, and this show is not helping. The main cast is composed of Annalise Keating (Viola Davis), five law students, two associate attorneys,...
October 3 2014

Villains in Fact and Fiction

The world changed seismically for thrillers on 9/11.  All of a sudden, the dastardly plots and cunning villains that had been a staple of the genre dating back to Ian Fleming had been outdone...
October 19 2013

Fresh Meat: The Last of the Smoking Bartenders by C. J. Howell

The Last of The Smoking Bartenders by C.J. Howell follows a drifter who believes he’s a secret agent meant to stop terrorists from blowing up the Hoover Dam (available October 20, 2013). Hitchhiking...
August 1 2013

Mixed Signals?: Homeland Season 3 Teaser Trailer

Okay, it's not much more than a teaser, but what it teases is pretty great. Read between the lines and put together the pieces of the puzzle—mystery fans should be good at that!—to...
April 19 2013

A Few Things We Should Not Worry About

Our world today seems fraught with peril: everywhere you look are threats to your safety and well-being. If it’s not the U.S. housing market’s collapse affecting economics worldwide, it’s...
March 25 2013

Fresh Meat: Dirty Little Secret by Jon Stock

Dirty Little Secret by Jon Stock is the third espionage thriller featuring renegade MI-6 agent Daniel Marchant (available March 26, 2013). Daniel Marchant has been through hell and high water while...
January 25 2013

A Terror Only to Five-Fingered Men

We all know the line right? You know the one, say it with me, loud and proud. “Hello, My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father. Prepare to die.” And if you don’t happen to know...
January 22 2013

Fresh Meat: The Sixth Station by Linda Stasi

The Sixth Station by Linda Stasi is a thriller involving international politics, terrorism, and a charismatic and potentially deadly, religious leader (available January 22, 2013). The Sixth Station...
December 18 2012

Snow Globe Legal Alert

’Tis the season to be carrying snow globes on the airplane. But until recently, due to the “no more than 3 ounces of liquid” rule snow globes have been expressly prohibited from hand...
December 17 2012

Homeland: Episode 2.12, Season Finale: “The Choice”

Wow.  Just…wow. There’s been a lot of grumbling among critics and fans that Homeland has jumped the shark this season, contorted its plot beyond reason or logic, but it’s hard...
December 10 2012

Homeland: Episode 2.11, “In Memoriam”

The penultimate episode of the season splits its time between the show’s two modes of operation: high-octane action thriller and raw emotional relationship drama. I like both sides of Homeland...
December 3 2012

Homeland: Episode 2.10, “Broken Hearts”

If a tree falls in a forest, but doesn’t take any other trees down with it, does it really fall? Up until now, Brody’s status as a terrorist was somewhat iffy. An attempted terrorist? Sure,...
November 26 2012

Homeland: Episode 2.09, “Two Hats”

The hands-down best thing about this show is that you never know what new zig it will take just when you expected it to zag. We left off at the towering moment last week of Brody nabbed and coming...
November 19 2012

Homeland: Episode 2.08, “I’ll Fly Away”

The tension levels ratcheted back up to 11 in this week’s episode. And if Damian Lewis doesn’t get another Emmy at next Fall’s awards, there is no justice in the world. Brody...
November 12 2012

Homeland: Episode 2.07, “The Clearing”

Maybe it’s because I watched the Saturday Night Live skit, but this week’s Homeland felt off to me. It felt like a filler episode, which is surprising since it was written by one of...
November 5 2012

Homeland: Episode 2.06, “A Gettysburg Address”

It’d be understandable after the last two episodes if Homeland had decided to take a little breather this week, and for the first forty minutes it seemed like that was the case. We open on...
October 30 2012

Homeland: Episode 2.05, “Q & A”

“Is there a plan to attack America?” “Yes” It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for. The whole series has been leading up to this, the outing of Nicholas...
October 22 2012

Homeland: Episode 2.04, “New Car Smell”

What an amazing roller coaster this show is! Homeland up-ends your expectations with every new scene, making you cheer in triumph just moments before you’re covering your eyes and cringing...
October 15 2012

Homeland: Episode 02.03 “State of Independence”

We all know how TV drama plots generally work: one step forward, two steps back. Both Carrie and Brody’s stories this week had a circular nature that seemed to be following that model—and...
October 8 2012

Homeland: Episode 2.02 “Beirut is Back”

There isn’t a show on television that does intensity like Homeland. If last week’s pilot felt slightly laid back, the show doubles down tonight with a nail-biter of a secret op and then...