Mapping the Mad Bomber of New York City

Especially prescient in today’s times, Michael Cannell's Incendiary whisks us through the streets of Manhattan—to Grand Central, Times Square, Penn Station, Radio City Music Hall—where for almost two decades New Yorkers faced the lingering threat of terrorism. Clues were sparse, and as the bombings continued, pressure forced the police to look elsewhere for help.

Enter Dr. James Brussel, a psychiatrist hired by the police to analyze the limited forensic evidence and use it to peer into the mind of the bomber. Though the term profiling would not be coined for another two decades, it’s undoubtedly familiar to us now, as it’s nearly impossible to browse the mystery section at your library or flip through primetime television without seeing at least one story featuring a criminal profiler.

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To celebrate the imminent publication of Incendiary, Minotaur Books has created this detailed interactive map that allows you to trace the Mad Bomber's route of terror. Follow along and keep an eye out for Incendiary


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