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December 7 2017

Writing from the Perspective of an Animal

Some sections of my novel, Water & Glass, are from the perspective of a woolly rat called Molloy. This might sound a bit crazy, but from very early on in the drafting of the book, I wanted...
November 11 2017

Banking on Financial Thrillers

Author Stephen Norman stopped by Criminal Element on his Trading Down blog tour! Read his guest post about financial thrillers and see where he'll be next! My agent told me that financial...
July 22 2017

The Gothic Origins of the Contemporary Crime Thriller

People have always loved reading about murder. Even back in the mid-18th century, the Newgate Calendar (also known as The Malefactors’ Bloody Register) titillated the public with gruesome...
July 7 2017

Crime on the Homefront WWII

“So you write books about criminals in World War II London, Mr. Ellis? Thin pickings, I would have thought. With everyone valiantly pulling together against the Nazis, I shouldn't think...
January 24 2017

Why Are Crime Thrillers So Popular?

It’s great to be a guest on your blog, and I’m delighted to write about the genre I love—crime-thrillers! The top ten living crime fiction authors have sold 500 million books,...
June 22 2016

Let There Be Linda Blog Tour: Sneak Peak and Exclusive Q&A with Author Rich Leder

Let There Be Linda by Rich Leder is a black comic thriller that tells the tall tale of estranged brothers Mike and Dan Miller (Available July 1, 2016). Estranged brothers Mike and Dan Miller—accountant...
March 19 2016

Iceland: A Locked Room Mystery on a Grand Scale

This original blog post by author Quentin Bates is part 1 of a 2 part series including an exclusive Q&A featuring questions from YOU, the readers. To win a copy of Quentin's new book Thin...
March 4 2016

Creating the Perfect “Baddie”

Are people ever truly “evil”? Many people commit evil acts, but are these a sign that the perpetrator is evil, or are their actions so far beyond what civilized people might consider “normal,”...
January 29 2016

Without Trace: Exclusive Guest Post from Author Simon Booker

Without Trace is the first in a series of crime novels featuring single mother Morgan Vine, an investigative journalist who lives in a converted railway carriage on the beach at Dungeness in Kent....