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September 25 2017

Crime/Mystery/Thrillers Coming to (and Leaving) Netflix in October 2017

Highlighted by the highly anticipated second season of Stranger Things, October is also bringing a few horror films and a lot of new Netflix Originals! Add in some classic movies and a few true...
August 29 2016

Crime/Mystery/Thrillers Coming to (and Leaving) Netflix in September 2016

After an admittedly tepid August, September comes out swinging with a superb list of newly added movies—including the entire Jaws series to help you live every week like it's shark week. Then,...
December 22 2015

A Criminal Christmas

I will never be Buddy the Elf. Anyone who's known me for longer than a hot minute knows the Yuletide season turns me into an absolute Grinch pre-heart-growing-three-times-bigger. The sight...
November 13 2014

When TV Romance Turns to Murder, You Can Win!

For me, it all started with Ned and Nancy. Nancy Drew was an independent woman (girl) but she still made room in her busy sleuthing schedule to let Ned hang around and bounce clues off. He was...
September 9 2014

Fresh Meat: Virtue Falls by Christina Dodd

Virtue Falls by Christina Dodd is a standalone romantic suspense featuring a geologist, an FBI agent, and a long-buried secret that comes to light during an earthquake (available September 9, 2014). If...
June 14 2013

Our Favorite 10 Dads of TV Crime

In honor of Father's Day this weekend, we wanted to celebrate 10 of our favorite dads of TV crime. Half are crime-fighters, half are criminals, but each dad leaves an indelible mark (and dirty socks). 1)...
October 30 2012

Drink Deeply of Halloween Crime Cocktails!

Halloween is almost here. Some friends and I decided we needed to create, borrow, and adapt beverages for our favorite Halloween crime classics—both books and TV shows. We got together to mix...
September 5 2012

Fall Television: What Will You Watch?

Back to school means the return of many of our favorite TV shows.  Major Crimes, Copper, and Grimm have already started, and we’ll have to wait until 2013 for BBC’s Sherlock, but plenty...
August 10 2012

Ancient Crimes, Modern Detection

The world is in love with methods of forensic crime detection. We have been entranced by CSI (the original) and every spin-off it has produced. Abby Sciuto and her mass spectrometer add immeasurably...
April 16 2012

Bones: The Missed Opportunities

I’m uniquely qualified to discuss this series; not because the main character shares my surname, or because I’ve read nearly every Kathy Reichs book, or even because I’ve seen every episode of...
April 4 2012

Bones: And Baby Makes Three

We haven’t spent a lot of time on the forensic crime show Bones recently here at Crime HQ, but we felt we really couldn’t let this week’s episode go by withouth a mention. Not when the long-awaited...
March 30 2012

Quirky Does It: TV’s Current Crop of Off-Kilter Cops (and Consultants)

It’s funny to think that not too many years ago, TV was filled with straight-up police procedurals. They had always been with us, of course, going back to Dragnet (generally regarded as Hollywood’s...
November 4 2011

Bones Season Seven Premiere: New Memories, New Life

The sixth season of FOX’s Bones ended with Angela and Hodgins’ baby being born, and in keeping with the whole nativity theme, Brennan revealing to Booth that she was pregnant, and that he’s the...
September 22 2011

Castle, Fritz or Booth: The Perfect Male Sidekick?

Television today is filled with strong women crime fighters. Detective Kate Beckett on Castle, Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson on The Closer and Dr. Temperance Brennan on Bones are prime examples....
September 19 2011

The Bones Of A New Season

For those disappointed in the short season Bones will have this year due to Emily Deschanel’s pregnancy (six episodes in the fall, seven in the spring, with the spinoff, The Finder, holding the space...
September 16 2011

Counterpoint: Don’t Bury The Lead!

In Bury the Lead...Please!, Elyse Dinh-McCrillis made a plea to American television producers that struck fear in the heart of this American television viewer. She writes: “If producers want to bring...
May 28 2011

Whistling in the Dark

Years ago, before I had children, I worked for a large bookstore chain. I read everything that looked even slightly interesting, and I developed a love for crime stories. I carried that appreciation...
May 25 2011

Is That a TV Show You’re Reading?

Once upon a time, in the long-distant past, movies were made from books.  You remember that, right?  Everyone would say, “Oh, sure, I saw the movie, but it was nowhere near as good as the...
Pop Culture Nerd
May 20 2011

Bones Season 6 Finale: B&B and more B’s

Bones usually has catchy tunes playing on its soundtrack every week but if there’s one song to convey season six’s entire arc, it’d have to be David Bowie’s “Changes,”...
May 19 2011

Hello, Good-Bye: Bones Shakes Things up for Booth and Brennan (4:47!!!!)

The penultimate episode of Bones Season 6, “The Hole in the Heart,” brought an end for one character even as it hinted at a possible new beginning for Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan...