Bones: The Missed Opportunities


Bones Booth and Brennan
Dem Bones, dem Bones…they’re not meshing.
’m uniquely qualified to discuss this series; not because the main character shares my surname, or because I’ve read nearly every Kathy Reichs book, or even because I’ve seen every episode of the television series. It’s because I watched all seven seasons in less than four months, finishing only days before the second half of season seven started.

I love this show. I love the characters, the mysteries, the forensics, the grit, the dark humor, and the quirkiness. It’s brilliantly written with strong actors and they haven’t slacked off on story, which can happen in a long running series. A brave, handsome, smart hero paired with an intelligent, capable, independent heroine and a well-developed cast of secondary characters. It’s definitely one of my all-time favorite shows.

UPDATE: We had an accidental timing disconnect between the sites—sorry!— but the full text is live now at the link below for our many Bones fans!

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  1. Jp

    Invalid links are the sorts of things that make me hate the link bait to ‘sister sites’.

  2. Cat

    I fully agree as there was no reason the post couldn’t have simply been delisted here.

  3. bitsy08

    I so disagree about this program. I don’t think it relates to Kathy Reich’s books at all. I enjoy those. This show, to me, has gotten to be more a comedy. And now that she has her baby? Ick! It’s sort of like going to Red Lobster. The ads make the food look good but the actual food is not as its advertised.

  4. Clare 2e

    Ha! @bitsy08 that’s a brand new comparison on me!
    I can’t figure which character on the show is the cheddar bay biscuit though. Those really are delicious.

  5. Laura K. Curtis

    Geeze, Clare…Booth is the cheddar biscuit for sure. Yum. But I do agree with Bitsy that the show has nothing whatsoever to do with the books. I am a huge Reichs fan.

  6. Terrie Farley Moran

    Of course Booth is the cheddar biscuit. As to the show vs. the books. I treat them as two completely different entities and I am completely happy with that. @bitsy08 you nailed it–the show is much more comedic–probably to soften the visual of the gruesome body details.

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