Stephanie Plum: In For Janet Evanovich’s Smokin’ Seventeen?

Janet Evanovich’s Smokin’ Seventeen is out today; are you over Stephanie Plum, or are you schlepping out to the bookstore (or waiting by the door/anticipating the download/your book delivery system here) today to find out what happens next in Plum’s zany life? Will anything be different this time out?

From Smokin’ Seventeen:

My name is Stephanie Plum. I work as a bond enforcer for my cousin Vinnie’s bail bonds office, and I live in an uninspired, low-rent, three story, brick-faced chunk of an apartment building on the edge of Trenton, New Jersey.

From Two For The Dough:

Vincent Plum is my cousin and my employer.
I work for Vinnie as a bounty hunter, dragging
felons who are beyond the long arm of the law back into
the system.

From High Five:

I’m a bail enforcement agent now —also known as a fugitive apprehension agent, also known as a bounty hunter. I bring ’em back dead or alive. At least I try.

To be fair, some of us have stayed in the same jobs for years. Not many of us have had the choice between two incredibly sexy guys and not chosen one for years, but the blurb seems to promise Stephanie finally does choose. And, perhaps, snags a bad guy or two along the way.

We’ll believe the former when we see it.

Meanwhile, are you in for Smokin’ Seventeen? If not, when did you stop being Plum crazy?

And over at our sister site for romance, Megan’s hosting the crucial poll: Ranger or Morelli?


  1. Terrie Farley Moran

    I stopped a book or two after we were introduced to Ranger’s big fancy secure office. I got tired of the Joe v Ranger thing.

  2. bri_in_nj

    I still read, but now they come from the library. I still find them LOL funny, although there were a few that were not so good, IMO. I loved 16. I am ready for the morelli/ranger waffling to be over, but can understand why it keeps going. I think part of why I still read them is the familiarity of the locations, being that I went to school near where most of the action takes place. 🙂 I know some of these places she haunts

  3. Jennifer R

    At this point I wish she’d change something. I feel like it’s the same book every time. Which is what the author wants to do, but I got bored around 12.

  4. R S

    Love to read these book, but the laughs are getting smaller as the cliches keep repeating. Haven’t read this latest one yet. Hope it’s something other than doughnuts and Lula.

  5. Wendy the Super Librarian

    If the triangle actually gets resolved, I’ll eat my shoe. I listen to these on audio – mostly because they’re undemanding, “easy” listens that usually deliver at least one genuinely funny LOL moment. That said though, the LOL moments weren’t quite as LOL-tastic in the last couple of books. But I still plan on listening to this new one. Some brain candy for my daily commute…..

  6. bungluna

    With all the hype going one, I’m willing to bet that the question ‘Morelli vs. Ranger’ doesn’t get anwerered in this book. Why not drag it out for 16 more books?

  7. Chuk Goodin

    Yes, I will probably read it. I haven’t been reading the magical ones (read one and then avoided the rest) but I didn’t mind #16.

  8. dogmama

    Mine should have arrived today. They’re kind of like Milky Way bars. You wouldn’t want a steady diet of them, but every so often they’re an awfully lot of fun. (I don’t like the in-between-the-numbers ones, either.)

  9. Darlene

    The first one I read was the fourth one. Man what a hoot that book was. I have kept up with the series even though the laugh factor has been decreasing over the years and there were a few in there that weren’t that good. Why do I keep reading them? I liked the Milky way analogy. Plus the fact is that when they’re good, they’re really good. I’m hoping that she finally settle on some steady boyfriend cause the waffling does go on the nerves. I ordered mine thru Amazon and it’s waiting for me to get back home!

  10. Jeanne Thelwell

    I’ll probably wait for the library copy. The books are funny, but Stephanie is getting on my nerves. She claims she wants to be taken seriously as a bounty hunter, but she won’t do the work: she won’t learn to use (or even carry) her gun; she won’t learn any self-defense besides kicking men in the balls; she sets herself up in dangerous situations with no idea how she’ll get out because she knows Morelli or Ranger will bail her out. It’s getting tiresome. It might be interesting if Evanovich actually let her grow and mature. It would add something to her relationships if the men were more than a rescue team.

  11. Debbie

    I love the books, especially the between the numbers ones. If you don’t like them then why read them?

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