Do Not Imagine That We Are Making To You Intimidation

They’d toss cases of wine at us as ransom in the good old days.
Things are tough all over. Somali pirates, whose pirating activity is down 32 percent from last year, are working on a charm offensive with congratulatory form letters to deliver to hijacked captains. This is, apparently, to signal that they’re simply professionals out for a quick paycheck, not bloodthirsty wackos. From Reuters via Atlantic Wire:

. . . In order to fulfill my suggestion you have to accept every step I want you to do it, otherwise you will lose the vessel and the crew because of we have entitled to do everything if you do not obey our regulations.

Do not imagine that we are making to you intimidation, but we send this message to every Company/Owner we hijack from vessels, luxury cruises and etc when the vessel anchored to my station . . .

Given the confusing tone of this letter in translation, we might suggest, however, that Jamal’s Pirate Action Group (yes, it’s their real name) consider a more personal outreach. For example, this pirate is too adorable to refuse! How much ransom does he want?!

Images via Vinography and Halloween Pet Costumes.


  1. Laura K. Curtis

    I think if I saw that letter, my head might explode. Which…really…would not serve their purposes terribly well.

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