Can You Solve Smithsonian’s Deadeye Murders in Fewer Than 25 Days?

Smithsonian Channel Forensic Firsts and the Deadeye Murders GameBut of course you can, crimefighter! Five people killed outdoors in five different states, and the FBI needs someone to Solve the Deadeye Murders in fewer than 25 days, when the serial killer will strike again . . . dum-Dum-DUM!

To date, my personal best is 18 days, but that leaves a lot of headroom for new top scores. Players begin with a handful of bullets, a single witness to a green pickup, and an antsy boss.

(Does verifying the existence of a guy supposedly on the faculty at a public institution in the UK really take 3 days with the interweebs to help?!) Any bizarre nitpicks aside, this enjoyable time-waster is based upon the Smithsonian Channel’s new program called Forensic Firsts. And when you see notices of incoming voice mails, they’re audio clips from show experts delivering, ahem, very relevant information to help you decide which path is best to follow.

The series premieres this Sunday at 9pm (EST), and the first episode explains the history of DNA analysis as a forensic technique. It’s shocking, to me at least, to realize how old some of the “modern” techniques have become. As they note below regarding the case of serial killer BTK, the DNA they had to analyze was older than many of the lab technicians testing it! Sigh.


  1. Clarissa Draper

    I completed this game in 18 days. Didn’t try again though.

  2. Clare 2e

    Very cool- I didn’t make it my first time through.

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