Real-Life Superhero Gone Rogue?: Phoenix Jones Unmasked

Rain City Super Heroes
Rain City Super Heroes on patrol

It seems these days one of the prerequisites for being a “crime-fighter” is pepper-misting citizens. First, we had officer Anthony Bologna, “a human crop-duster reigns habanero misery on Wall Street protestors” (Jon Stewart) while protecting the streets of New York City. Now, in Seattle, a RLSH called Phoenix Jones, was caught on tape pulling out a can of pepper spray on a group of people (alleged to break up a fight)—and subsequently being chased down by an angry, shoe-wielding woman. Truly, vigilante justice at its best.

Phoenix Jones to Ben Fodor
From Phoenix Jones to Ben Fodor: Bruce Wayne ain’t got this much style!

After appearing in court last Thursday and dramatically unmasking himself, Phoenix Jones (whose real name is Benjamin Fodor) is back patrolling the streets of Seattle Saturday night with other members of Rain City Super Heroes after a brief stopover at Occupy Seattle.

via Seattle Post Intelligencer

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