Passing Laws, Not Passing Out

Flavored martinis
A little pre-vote cocktail
From our friends over at Lowering the Bar comes news of a bill in Georgia (HB 668) that would “require anyone elected to serve in the General Assembly to undergo mandatory drug testing within three months of taking office or beginning any subsequent term. Failing would mean removal from office.”

Could we move this right along up to the federal level? And make drug and alcohol testing mandatory before voting on any bill that comes before the House or Senate? Because it certainly seems as if entirely too many decisions are made after three (or six) martini lunches. Not that it’s not entirely understandable that legislators would need painkillers…goodness knows, listening to them gives me a headache.


  1. Clare 2e

    Maybe we should do IQ and literacy tests, too : )

  2. Mary Saputo

    And every time they tell a lie or a fabrication to meet their agenda, it gets counted. 3 strikes and they’re out!

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