Murderously Bad Food

The Heart Attack Grill
What could go wrong?
What could possibly go wrong at a restaurant where they serve 6000-calorie burgers, fry their potatoes in lard, and customers who weigh over 350 pounds can eat for free?

Well, it’s not as if you couldn’t guess, given that the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas is “Home of the Double Bypass Burger.”

Yes, last week, a fellow eating the Triple Bypass Burger, a six-thousand-calorie extravaganza, suffered an apparent heart attack. The question is, if the gentleman were to die, would it be murder or suicide?


  1. Cindy K

    I know that bartenders are supposed to cut you off before you drink yourself to death from alcohol poisoning but fry cooks aren’t obligated to do weigh-ins or measure body fat ratios before serving up their weapons of “mass destruction”, so I guess they would be off the hook!

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