Longmire 3.08: “Harvest” of Resentments

“I’m surprised you didn’t try and sew this up yourself with fishing line.” Dr. Weston (Scott Michael Campbell)

“Harvest” picks up where we left off with Walt Longmire (Robert Taylor) receiving care for a flesh wound and Vic looking genuinely drained from her hellish experience as a captive.

When Walt and Vic hugged in the hospital, my wife said to me, “I can see them as a couple,” and I had to finally agree. The relationship happens in Craig Johnson's series of novels from which the show originates, and it seems like it’s time on the TV series. But, like water in a dam rising to the occasion, we are kept waiting again, because Vic’s husband Sean (Michael Mosley) has given her an ultimatum to quit her job in two weeks or they’re done. When Branch Connally (Bailey Chase) broke into Vic’s house in last week's episode, I was thinking, you’re going to be in a world of hurt when she finds out. Sure enough, in this episode, Vic (Katee Sackhoff) tears Branch a new one and lays everything wide open.

Branch obviously feels he has nothing to lose, because he dimes himself out by quoting part of Vic’s letter that he snooped at her house (you remember that letter—the one with her concerns over Branch’s actions?). Little did he know that Vic hadn’t sent it to Longmire. But, gotta say, I kinda feel Branch’s continuing frustration and probably would have helped him through the front door—after all (quick recap ahead), he was shot by an allegedly dead man, nearly bled to death, and still, no one 100% believes him that his attacker is alive. Oh sure, they are slowly coming on board in a trying sort of way, but it sure seems his issues take a significant back seat to clearing Henry Standing Bear’s (Lou Diamond Phillips) name by finding Miller Beck’s killer.

Is there nothing left but make-believe?

Vic is onto Branch’s shady dealings in his search for the truth. Added to Branch’s mounting frustration is Walt and Vic’s blossoming personal relationship, which has the further potential to undermine his every move. When an attempt at marital lovemaking goes awry (with Vic inadvertently calling Sean weak), well, Walt and Vic are almost cleared for landing, right? I do like how Vic displays genuine sadness about the demise of her relationship with Sean, and Walt is careful to take the high moral ground and not to take advantage of a situation. Well-handled storytelling in our jaded, disposable age.

The family farm is under pressure

The standalone main plot concerned a farmer who is shot in the back, leaving his wife and daughter to struggle alone making the monthly payments, and a fellow farmer who’d loaned the dead man necessary equipment is more interested in the bottom line than “decency.” Writer Tony Tost stated on Twitter that this episode was “as close as I'll ever get to writing a real country song.” Country song, sure, but I can also hear the rocking strains of John Cougar Mellencamp’s “Rain on the Scarecrow” playing from my teen years, along with memories of the start of Farm Aid which brought attention to the struggling men and women. Kudos to Mr. Tost for reminding us that the plight is far from over.

Branch already looks wrecked and they’ve just arrived at the bar. Maybe Cady’s right to worry.

Meanwhile, Branch goes to Denver to help Cady (Cassidy Freeman) with Henry’s case. At a bar where Miller Beck used to hang out, Cady talks to people who knew the junkie, while Branch passes around a photo of Darius. Branch encounters a woman who promises to give him information if she can take his photo, because she wants a picture of a cowboy. One click and flash later, she coyly tells him she doesn’t know the man. Then, outside the bar, Branch gets a text from the woman (I must have missed when he gave her his number) with an attached pic showing The White Warrior himself, David Ridges, standing behind Branch. It disappears as quickly as it arrived, leaving him shouting “No!” Cady, who remembers being attacked in the hospital by the peyote-affected Branch, doesn’t believe him. After an exchange of some quiet, but harsh, words, she walks out on him. She asks Vic to pick her up, and on the ride back home, Cady tells Vic that Branch is dark, mean, and unstable, then she confides to Vic how Branch assaulted her. Like Vic needs more ammo against him.

As an actor, throughout this season, Bailey Chase has been noteworthy for his simmering anger, vividly conveying Branch’s apparent deterioration in front of his colleagues, a calcified determination in his obsession with Ridges, accentuated by the actor’s brooding portrayal. I hope Mr. Chase is remembered when award season rolls around, because he deserves the recognition.

Any attaboys for The Ferg? /Photo credit: Ursula Coyote for A&E

A quick let’s-hear-it for The Ferg (Adam Bartley), who has been the lone member of Longmire’s crew who steadfastly shows up, gathers the clues, doesn’t bitch, but is constantly and unceremoniously sent from the room whenever “the adults” are talking. I caught Vic noticing Ferg’s frustration (not that she was overly sympathetic), and I think it’s about time Longmire recognizes and utilizes Ferg’s talent more appropriately.

The episode closes with Vic handing Walt a letter that we’re first led to believe is a resignation, but instead turns out to be the letter detailing her case against Branch (which I’m betting has been updated since Branch saw it). As they discuss the rogue deputy, we see Branch drinking alone in a bar with the elusive David Ridges outside, and we hear Vic say to Longmire, “There’s no way he should be carrying a badge and a gun right now. He’s a time bomb just waiting to go off.”

The stakes are high as we go into the final stretch of Longmire’s season three.

Under the pen name of Edward A. Grainger, David Cranmer writes the continuing adventures of Cash Laramie and Gideon Miles. He is also the editor/publisher of the BEAT to a PULP webzine and books.


  1. Mates

    A very tense episode but I was somewhat expecting Walt and Vic to become an item. Not disappointed but I’m left wondering how much longer we have to wait? The Scarecrow album (though I believe I had it on cassette) was a favorite of mine.

  2. David Cranmer

    I remember playing Mellencamp’s tape to death. Lots of classics like R.O.C.K in the U.S.A. and Lonely ‘Ol Night. Darn, now I gotta search me some Johnny Cougar on YouTube. As far as Walt and Vic go, yeah, I feel its moving about right after last week’s hostage episode.

  3. snow dog

    Well not as exciting as last week but expected that. Tony Tost written episodes are hit or miss for me but this wasn’t bad. So you softened on Walt and Vic getting together, LOL. I think it will still be awhile before they do actually get together and I have faith the writers will do it right. Just hope we get season 4 etc.. I don’t think Vic inadvertently called Sean weak. I think she knew exactly what she was saying. My dislike of Sean from prior seasons is turning into some sympathy for him. I think they are both to blame for their relationship issues and they are just not a fit. I think you said you liked the Branch/David Ridges plot line but I have to say it’s getting old for me and I just hope they move it along a lot in the remaining 2 episodes. We do see Barlow is back, Yeah! I suspect we will not find out who murdered Miller Beck, why Walt’s wife was killed, or get Henry out of his legal troubles this season. Cady said Henry’s trial wasn’t for another six weeks, after season 3 timeline ends most likely. The murder of the week was pretty mundane even though as you said it was good to bring up the plight family farmers face. I could have done without it especially since they posted a bonus clip of scenes they decided to cut with Henry and Mathias which to me was much more interesting and helped the Henry/Miller Beck story arc along quite a bit. They should have been included. I would have preferred they cut the Vic and Sean in bed scene or some of the crazy Branch scenes. The Ferg is feeling left out, I think he feels he’s relegated to grunt work and not getting any credit. I really wonder what gems end up being cut to make room for the excessive commercials. Probably quite a bit given what I saw in the extended episodes on the season 2 DVD that unless you got the DVD you’d never have seen. Made some of the story arcs make much more sense and explains why Lizzie is gone this season. This could easily be an hour and a half show each week. I hope if A&E doesn’t renew they can get another network to pick this up and do it justice. A&E is not taking advantage of a real gem. 10 episodes a season is just not enough. There was quite a turnout at Longmire Days this past weekend Buffalo, WY. Viewers love this show.

  4. snow dog

    I play John Mellencamp all the time. His grestest hits CD is permanently in my car’s CD player. Yes my car still has a CD player. Farm Aid last year was in my hometown in one of my favorite places for concerts SPAC – Saratoga Performing Arts Center.

  5. David Cranmer

    snowdogmom, I watched part of the show again this morning (in preparing this review) and was confused, and then plesantly surprised, by the scenes they decided to cut of Henry and Mathias. 100% agree they should have been included and it must be frustrating for the folks making the decisions on what goes and stays each week. And, yep, I bet
    season 3 DVD will includes tons of extras. Can’t wait.

    Hard to believe I’ve been listening to John Mellencamp for at least 35 years. I’m thinking “Jack and Diane” is where it all started for me. Favorite album though is The Lonesome Jubilee.

  6. randal120

    Randy Johnson here.

    Two episodes left. They’ll never get it all wrapped up this season. Dispose of the Branch/David Ridges arc and set next to complete the Henry arc. Plase.

    I hope they do renew and not leave us hanging like they did with THE GLADES. A wedding about to happen.with Jim and Callie. Jim shot down by unknown assailant while alone checking out the new house before the wedding.

    Then cancellation.

  7. David Cranmer

    Randy, Never watched The Glades and guess I’ll pass. Yeah, its frustrating when networks don’t allow for a send-off. Do you remember the last episode of Crime Story? I was such a fan and, well, I’m going to assume that plane crash meant everyone died. Or what about The Time Tunnel? Geez, those boys have been gone an awful long time.

  8. Gophergirl78

    I enjoyed your review of the last episode. The only thing I find so funny about this show (other than they film it in New Mexico) is how they must think Wyoming is only 5 miles wide. The lady who cleaned in Teton Village and comes home every night. Or going to Denver in a few hours. I know it’s only TV, but as a Wyoming native, it sort of makes me laugh. I agree about show send offs. Still wondering what happend on Vegas. But I do really enjoy this show.

  9. David Cranmer

    Gophergirl78, Thanks for the kind words over my review! And I can imagine those kind of details you mentioned give a raised eyebrow and smile to a Wyoming native. Of course, being on the other side of the country I hardly give it a second thought though, for some reason, my wife readily picks up on them.

  10. Gophergirl78

    So I just ordered a couple of Cash Laramie books from Amazon. I am really looking forward to reading them. I think I am glad I accidentially discovered this!!!!

  11. snow dog

    Gophergirl 78, at least Teton Village and Denver are a bit more reasonable than the episode where Walt and Vic went to Arizona in an afternoon. At least they did stay overnight. LOL.

  12. snow dog

    Edward, I’m neck and neck with you on John Cougar fandom. Been there from the beginning.

  13. Gophergirl78

    snowdogmom – I totally agree! My husband laughs at me because I seem to pick apart everything – like the scene when two weeks ago when they found their Indian friend scalped and dieing. Great scene, but I do not believe there are any of those kind of Indian cave dwellings in Wyoming. More like southern Colorado. I know I am being picky, but if you’re going to do it – do it right!

  14. David Cranmer

    Thank you, Gophergirl78! Deeply appreciated. And I hope you grabbed a copy of Adventures of Cash Laramie and Gideon Miles, Vol. II. It’s free as an ebook download this week.

  15. David Cranmer

    snowdogmom & Gophergirl78, Just listened to the entire
    Human Wheels (1993) album again. Forgot how much I enjoyed that collection of songs including “What If I Came Knocking” and the title track. It’s been a Johnny Cougar afternoon.

  16. Mary Saputo

    Speaking of The Glades, we now have a new show on the horizon with Matt Passmore called Satisfaction. Has anyone seen the promos? I know I’m judging without seeing but the premise is one where his wife uses escorts (!) to help satisfy herself. Sounds pretty trashy to me. In the meantime, A&E has shows like Duck Dynasty, Big SMO, Storage Wars, Shipping Wars – AAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! We’re losing good shows for this junk. Can’t even imagine that A&E wouldn’t bring back Longmire. And USA has another new show coming out called RUSH. And NBC has Hannibal. Where are the shows that give us a HERO or at least someone we can look up to? Seems there’s more and more trash and we’re losing out big time.

  17. snow dog

    bitsyo8 – Satisfaction (10pm) and Rush (9pm) premiered last Thursday on USA. I watched Satisfaction and wasn’t impressed. Matt turns to becoming an escort hmself when he finds out his wife has been hiring one. Guess who’s in it along with Matt Passmore? Katherine LaNasa aka Lizzie from Longmire. She plays a high class madam that “interviews” Matt Passmore’s character by scheduling a date with him. Rush sounds like a take off on Royal Pains with the Doctor having a drug problem of his own and servicing celebrity clients. If people have a problem with Vic’s shirt not being buttoned up enough they better not watch Satisfaction. I’ll pass on both. Wonder how The Glades fans will like Matt’s new role? LOL

  18. David Cranmer

    bitsyo8, if I was a betting man I would roll the dice that A&E will keep Longmire another season or switch to making television films based on the books or some variation. Personally I don’t watch reality programming and a network that exclusively caters to them loses my interest.

    Traditional Matt Dillon heroes seem to be scarce these days especially since the success of shows like Dexter, Breaking Bad, etc or maybe I’m just not looking hard enough.

  19. David Cranmer

    I just received an email (that was fast!) with someone telling me that Bones, The Mentalist, Castle, Sherlock, etc are all traditional heroes. Ha! I stand corrected.

  20. snow dog

    Yes and Bones, The Mentalist, Castle, plus I’d add NCIS have all been on a long time and are at or nearing the end of their runs. Most all skew older and have lower 18-49 demo numbers which the advertisers covet. What about Major Crimes, and Rizzoli and Isles.

  21. David Cranmer

    Major Crimes and Rizzoli and Isles. Two I haven’t watched yet. Duly noted. And, yeah, I’ll never get that 18-49 demo numbers.

  22. Cathy Martson

    “Harvest” wasn’t a sit on the edge of your seat intense, but it was still a good one. I was surprised to see the doctor stitching Walt on the backside instead of the front of him since he was face to face with Chance when the bullets went off. I loved the scene of Walt and Vic hugging in the hospital, I love watching Walt being nervous and unsure of how to react to Vic, chivalry is still alive. I feel bad for Ferg though, he deserves to be recognized for all that he does, Branch he does deserve an award for his acting, (it just amazes me). Vic deserves an award as well for Population 25.. As for Sean, I am with Ed he is just a milk toast kinda guy. 🙂 Although, I do feel bad for him.. I do hope that we will have a season 4 because honestly I would rather watch this, than yet another reality show.. I don’t watch them, and have no desire to, but unfortunately there is only a small percentage of us that don’t.. I love Castle, Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, and Nashville, Longmire is on that list as well.

  23. Denise Robinson

    Rizzoli & Isles is based on a series of books by Tess Gerritsen. The books are great, however, the TV series is very different. The books are very intense and the TV series is a bit light-hearted. Still enjoyable television. Castle is enjoyable to and inspired a book series by the fictional character, Richard Castle. I watch Major Crimes too. All the shows, especially Longmire have great characters.

  24. randal120

    Randy Johnson here,

    The only rea;ity programming I watch are sports. Cannot stand any of those other stuff. Even the promos make them look like crap.

    Major Crimes and Rizzoli & Isles are both pretty good.

  25. David Cranmer

    [b]slider5weight[/b], Sean’s line about Ed being a milk toast kinda guy was memorable. And now that he’s outta the picture I kinda sorta miss him being around. Yes to Katee Sackhoff’s performance in “Population 25” being award worthy. I’ve been also watching her as Starbuck in BattleStar Galactica where she steals almost every scene she appears in.

    [b]Denise Robinson[/b], I wonder why there’s a need to lighten shows up? I’m going to assume its to reach a broader audience, right? Otherwise why change the dynamics that makes the original characters and plots so effective.

    [b]Randy[/b], “Even the promos make them look like crap.” Well said. I mean we are going on something like twenty-five years of reality shows. Enough already.

  26. David Cranmer

    Denise & Randy, I will have to check out
    Rizzoli & Isles. I will probably start with the books. Heading over now to add to my insanely long To Be Purchased list.

  27. Denise Robinson

    I am not sure why TV/movie writers feel the need to make changes to an adapted book series. I find that I tend to treat the outcome as a different creation from the original. I suppose for creative/dramatic purposes they feel the changes are needed. I also watch Bones and the only similarity to the book series is the lead character’s name and profession. I have read several of the Longmire books. The changes made by writers for this series have not made me a Walt/Vic shipper. The backstory changes regarding Walt’s wife’s death and Vic with her past and marriage makes me not much of a believer and the argument that it “happens in the books” isn’t as valid as other changes have been made. I would suggest that you read the Gerritsen books first then watch the show. Thank you for the response.

  28. David Cranmer

    Denise, Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Always appreciated! It may take me a few months to getting around to reading but I just picked up one called [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Sinner]The Sinner[/url] (2003) since it appears to be the first to present both the Rizzoli & Isles characters. Thanks for the recommendation.

  29. Denise Robinson

    Edward, actually “The Surgeon” is the first book and introduces Rizzoli, then “The Apprentice” and “The Sinner” is the third book. I hope that you enjoy whenever you get to read.

  30. David Cranmer

    Oh, ok. Check. Acording to the sometimes reliable Wikipedia the
    Rizzoli & Isles character appear together for the first in The Apprentice
    (2002) after Jane Rizzoli’s debut in The Surgeon. Heck, I’ll just get all three!

  31. snow dog

    OMG, I noticed in the opening credits that Cooper Huckabee was guest starring and then when the episode was over I said to myself where was Cooper? You never know who will turn up guest starring on Longmire. One the great things about Longmire. Cooper always played the young handsome lead, semi-lead in the 80’s in things like Urban Cowboy, The Blue and the Gray, Stand by Your Man, MacGyver, Walker Texas Ranger, etc.. Well I figured he aged like all of us have but I had to rewatch several times before I realized he was the dead farmer! He has turned into a craggy faced character actor. Interesting how people age. I would have never recognized him. He was in Major Crimes in 2012 and I’m sure I watched the episode and probably never knew it was him.

  32. David Cranmer

    I had to check Google images for Cooper Huckabee but instantly recognized him from favorites like Harrison the spy in Gettysburg. Yeah, *looking in my mirror* age catches up with us all. I remember liking The Blue and the Gray quite a bit in the day especially Stacy Keach as a loner named Jonas who has dreams that seem to predict the future.

  33. Mates

    How many more episodes are left in this season?

  34. David Cranmer

    Mates, two more episodes that I know: “Counting Coup’ and the ominously titled “Ashes to Ashes.” The preview for next week’s show is posted at A&E [b][url=http://www.aetv.com/longmire][u]http://www.aetv.com/longmire[/u][/url][url=http://www.aetv.com/longmireOne] [/url][/b]One story is probably written by the gifted Sarah Nicole Jones who also penned season three’s “Miss Cheyenne” and “Reports of My Death.”

  35. WMD

    Great episode.

    A dip into what Walt regards as the spirit, rather than the letter of the law as sheriff.

    Great acting from Branch – I don’t know how he gets his eyes that bloodshot and his face so grimly determined.

    My favorite bit though, was the closing scene’s music as it pans over Branch and then David Ridges : Fever Ray’s “If I Had a Heart”, which seems to be about relentless pursuing a goal to the detriment of everything else.

    And the music video for this song? A group of plantation-house gentry slain by vengeful Native Americans. Foreshadowing, maybe.


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