Longmire Episode 2.1: “Unquiet Mind”

The season 2 premiere of Longmire was both familiar and exciting, as we reunited with our favorite sheriff and deputies for an episode of high drama. Walt and a very bored Vic are transferring a dangerous serial killer, Wayne, to an FBI drop-off point when they encounter the Absaroka version of traffic…in the form of a massive buffalo in the road. The majestic (and territorial) beast is protecting the roadway for a baby white buffalo—as rare as one in ten million, as Wayne helpfully points out. In fact, he insists the sighting is actually a sign, with a meaningful look at our Sheriff. A little later, when they reach the drop-off, Wayne insists that Walt is something of a kindred spirit telling him “You hear the voices too. You have an unquiet mind.”

It’s interesting to see the show dabble once more in the mystical and supernatural themes that underscore Craig Johnson’s books. Though the books and TV show don’t always dovetail, this episode’s plot hews pretty closely to the premise of Johnson’s seventh bestselling Longmire novel, Hell is Empty. TV Walt has such a grounded, no-nonsense vibe, that it’s harder to imagine him placing stock in signs and superstitions as the book version of the character does. But it’s well done here, with enough gravitas to avoid it seeming silly or out-of-character.

In fact, this episode really showcases just how very well the showrunners John Coveny and Hunt Baldwin (who also penned this premiere episode) know each of their characters. After the drop-off, Wayne manages to stage a coup, killing FBI agents and innocents, and escaping into the mountains with most of the convicts and the pretty FBI psychiatrist, with whom Wayne has a strangely intimate bond. When Walt insists on charging into the wooded mountains after him, just as a brutal storm threatens to approach, his trusted deputies Vic, Branch, and Ferg, and his friend Henry all react in pretty much exactly the ways we’d expect. It’s all fun and satisfying, and really quite impressive for a mostly procedural show that’s only eleven episodes in.

Henry and Branch ride to the rescue
Riding to the rescue.
Of course, lone wolf Walt will forge into a dangerous situation without backup to rectify a problem, even if it’s somewhat foolhardy behavior when you get right down to it. And naturally, Vic is upset and concerned for Walt, so she kind of hilariously and righteously rants at everybody and even punches out the FBI agent who tries to commandeer the operation from the sheriff’s office. And yes, Branch (who’s still, always, busy campaigning—now with fancy TV ads for the election) is a bit of a kiss-ass to the FBI at first. But eventually (after Vic prods him that Cady, who’s MIA, wouldn’t be too happy if he did nothing while her father died), he does the right thing… joining forces with Henry, who’s quietly formulated a plan to ride up the impenetrable mountain terrain on horseback to find his friend. Oh, and the Ferg? He’s going about his business and trying to support everyone. (His gleeful “That’s awesome!” when Vic confesses she punched the agent, was a great humorous moment in a fairly intense episode.)

It’s a great showcase for each of the major characters’ strengths (and weaknesses), and we even get a lot of fun in-character cameos. Omar, the local gun expert, pops up again to give Walt a little shelter overnight at a key point in his hike, and there’s a nice bit of deduction from our Sherlock-in-a-Stetson in that scene about who might have helped Wayne with his great escape. As the weather worsens, Walt starts hallucinating friends and enemies who alternately taunt and encourage him, including Henry, Cady, one of the young victims of Wayne, and most surprisingly, Charles S. Dutton, reprising his role as the Chicago PD officer, Detective Fales, who showed up in last season’s finale.

Robert Taylor as Walt Longmire

In addition to that ongoing mystery surrounding what culpability Walt actually has in the death of his wife’s killer, the hints that Vic might have more than boss-employee feelings for Walt continue, as she’s distraught to near tears at being helpless while he’s on the mountain. The running why-doesn’t-he-have-a-cellphone gag from season 1 also recurs with a particularly funny and triumphant outcome as Walt uses Vic’s borrowed cellphone to ultimately subdue the escaped con, after a grueling bear-wrestle of a fight. Finally, the horned owl that played such a pivotal part in the season 1 premiere and finale, and in the promos for the show, returns here, as a sign to bolster Walt’s spirit at a particularly low point. (It’s also a timely tie-in to the recent Longmire e-novella Messenger, which featured… a great horned owl.)

Vic and Walt
What’s in the body language?
The slow, measured pacing the show thrived on in season 1 is exchanged for some high stakes drama in this premiere episode, but it’s nice to see that characterization wasn’t sacrificed to cram in plot. There’s a very good balance with just enough complexity to the procedural storyline to really weigh it against the emotions it evokes in the gang. No doubt, things will be a bit calmer next week as we get into a bit more about where Cady’s gone and where Branch is getting the money for those fancy TV campaign ads. With an expanded thirteen episodes this season (compared to last year’s ten), the show should have a lot more room to delve even further into each character, which will help prove how much more than a straight procedural this somewhat unpolished gem of a drama can really be.

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  1. Gordon Bingham

    Really enjoyed this episode. Looking forward to more!!

  2. Francis Cardosi

    Very good season premier!

  3. Elizabeth Lewis

    Nice recap! Hell is Empty is definitely my fave Longmire book, and the show did pretty well in its adaptation. I did miss Virgil, but I can understand why they cut him out.

  4. Lee Anne LeCouter

    This was a solid episode, all around, especially since it brings out the realization that Walt, even though he is a good Sheriff, will still go charging into danger, regardless of whether he does have backup, as he feels like it is the honorable thing to do. Robert Taylor brings that quiet intensity to the role of Walt and you get that he wants to save everybody.

    The supporting players also do a bang-up job here. Katee Sackhoff proves again that she is one of the best in TV, with a swinging of emotions from fear to anger to intensity to resignation. And she got to throw in some South Philadelphia justice with a mean right hook to the jaw of an obnoxious FBI agent. Bailey Chase continues to play Branch as if his destiny is to be Sheriff. So kissing ass is coming easy to him, even at the expense of everyone else. Lou Diamond Phillips is wonderful and brings that sense of calmness that the show really needs to float steady. And even Adam Bartley, as Ferg, gets to show his loyalty to Vic. Loved his “that’s awesome!” line. I think that Vic only sent him away because she doesn’t want him to see her break down.

    I can’t wait to see what the next ep is gonna show us because if this ep is any indication, we are in for a long, slow and painful ride through Absaroka County this season. Bring it on!

  5. Tara Gelsomino

    @edlweiss1 Thanks! And yes, I thought it was pretty clever and economical that they switched out Virgil for characters a bit more near and dear to Walt, especially Cady.

    @lalecouter Yeah, Lee Anne, I think the discussion between Branch and Henry about why Walt kind of careens into these dangerous situations without backup was a good one, and they were maybe both right? Walt is a self-punisher AND he thinks it’s his duty. It’s kind of at odds with his “do it the right way” cop beliefs to eschew backup and not wear gloves at crime scenes, but they make for interesting contradictions.

    I love all the deputies (and Henry) and I love to see them interact. I thought the Vic and Ferg scene was great and wished it was longer.

  6. Patricia Rusk

    So glad Longmire is back. I feel right at home in this series.

  7. Mary Hollifield

    I normally don’t care for prisoner break tv shows, but this one was great. I especially enjoyed the Buffalo Mommy at the beginning. Love this series.

  8. Laura Hughes

    I’m thrilled Longmire is back on TV! I love this series!

  9. Jeff Tufano

    I love this show and look forward to this season. This was such a great episode. I am not a big fan of westerns and boring procedurals but this combines both in way I have never seen so compelling. Robert Taylor is such an excellent actor the way he portrays Walt’s emotional resonance. And all the other supporting characters are great fun to watch, especially Katee Sackoff. I have not read any of the books but I definitely would like to give them a try, especially if they are as good as the show.

  10. John Hamilton

    Looking forward to how the season plays out. I love seeing the differences from the books and how they help play on TV.

  11. mosaix

    I need the poster and books! Yes!

  12. Karen Appleby

    I couldn’t wait for the new season to start. It’s here and I’m recording all of them. Would love to win this set of books, that would be so awesome.


  13. Melissa Darwin

    I came late to Longmire and now I’m hooked. Great recap!

  14. Jeffrey Tretin

    Series sounds great. Thank you for the giveaway.

  15. Walt Nickell

    I had never heard of the Walt Longmire books until I stumbled upon the first season of the TV Series. The show has quickly become THE favorite in our household and we are delighted it has finally returned. I’ve not yet read any of the books, but I would love to do so.

  16. jane

    Love the tv series.

  17. erin f

    sounds awesome! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  18. Gary Anderson

    A great episode. It was very much in the style of the books. As always, snow is a major “character” and Walt must battle it to survive and succeed. I watched it last night and will watch it again as soon as I finish my chores.

  19. amg

    Love the show and glad to see it’s back. The Ferg has gotten to be one of my favorite characters, alongside Vic.

  20. kathleen eddy

    Craig Johnson needs to write more books–fast! i am doling out the books to make them last and i’m up to the penultimate book. When i finish the series, i guess i’ll have to start over and read them all again.

  21. Jennifer Weaver

    Haven’t watched it yet – can’t wait!!!!!! Another show with a great ensemble cast…….

  22. Sharol Cutrell

    Of course the tv show isn’t as good as the books. Are they ever? But the producers/directors/cast of this show have done a great job with the characters and story.

    It was good to see the mysticism of the novels showing up in an episode — the appearance of Cady was especially effective as was the boy reminding Walt that it was hypothermia. Very impressive use of Johnson’s atmosphere from the books.

  23. Lance Williams

    My wife and I are just now getting into the series and it would be great to have the complete book series along with!!!!

  24. Tatiana deCarillion

    Recorded this for watching later in the week, but I’ve been able to read a couple of the books, and I find them to be really good–plus, I learn tidbits of trivia from them, too!

  25. Rebecca Boukikaz

    Although the television series is a bit different from the written one, it generally follows the spirit of the books. I think that the mystical elements in the show are in line with the books but the Walt’s no-nonsense character has been presented more in the television series. I have been pleasantly surprized with the series and am waiting for this new season.

  26. Jackie Tweed

    Walt, Walt, Walt. What were you thnking? I was worried about you there for a while, thank goodness you’re not dead yet.
    Loved the first season & cannot wait to see what happens this season. Last nights show was awesome. The “White Buffalo” was surely Walts’ totem.

  27. Jhonne Jones

    Saw the first episode of Longmire this weekend. Can’t wait to catch up to the current series

  28. amy wadhams

    I was introduced to the novel via the show so although I love the show I have enjoy the the books i have read as well. This episode was a great way to start off the new season and I think the characters are just fantastic. I would love to read the rest of the series but sadly my library does not have them.

  29. ravensfan

    I’d love to win these books. Great show.

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    I loved the episode, the show & the books!

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    So glad that this show is back on. I’ve missed it.
    If the books are half as good as the show, it will be a wonderful read. Looking forward to getting the chance to find out.

  35. Lisa Kaiser

    Also glad this show is back. Loved the first season and really enjoyed last night’s first show of the second season. I really would like to read all the books. Walt Longmire is a great creation.

  36. Allison Broad

    I liked the white buffalo and Lou Diamond Phillips.

  37. masonmop

    Great debut of second year – looking forward to the rest of the season! 🙂

  38. susan beamon

    Not a big fan of westerns, which this show is in a big way, but I am enjoying the series. It reminds me a lot of the Lt. Joe Leaphorn series. Must be the empty landscapes. I would love to win the book series so I can compare them also. Loved the baby white buffalo in the show.

  39. Wilma Bennett

    It was marvelous to see the re-telling of HELL IS EMPTY. One of my major issues with other series that have been made out of some of my favourite authors books is just how little the series follow the books. This hasn’t happened with Mr. Johnson’s books although I wasn’t exactly happy with the sub-plot of Walt’s probable involvement in the killing of his late wife. Yes, it adds an additional dimension to the continuing storyline – and it makes logical sense within the context of both the plot and the character development. Just wasn’t expecting it.

  40. Doris C. Losey

    great episode!

  41. Brenda Price

    Great second year debut – looking forward to the rest of the season! 🙂

  42. Virginia Campbell

    WoW! Season 2 came on like gangbusters! All fresh & frosty, too ; )

    I would love to win this library of books from talented author Craig Johnson–they belong on my keeper shelf!

  43. Charlee Griffith

    What lalecouter said. 🙂 Seriously, this was my favorite book in the series. I was a bit disappointed they didn’t include Virgil and all the visions/hallucinations while wandering through the woods bit, but the story still worked beautifully.

  44. Rob LaMaster

    Ironically, I just finished reading Hell Is Empty last week, so I enjoyed the show and the book both and the differences make both stand alone.
    Great second season debut.

  45. nickelsylv

    Great recap! Now I’m going back to rewatch the episode to catch all the subtleties I missed last night!

  46. Joyce Mitchell

    Thanks for the great overview of the season premiere & thanks for the chance to win.

  47. Karl Stenger

    I would love a set of these books

  48. Jerry Eaton

    Very pleased to read in your recap of the season 2 opener the writers adding in at least a hint of the mystical undercurrents that Craig Johnson includes in his writing.

  49. Joanne McIntyre

    The opening episode did appear to be very slow, but then again “too much seemed to be happening”. With all the “spirit” clues, all the “unquiet mind, i.e. flashbacks” and plodding slowly in the snow, for the only time since my beloved Longmire series began, I was wishing they would just “hurry up”. That said, it won’t stop me from watching each week and I will continue reading Craig’s books. Truly would love to win the whole set!

  50. Taylor Duncan

    Love to have it

  51. Anita Yancey

    It’s a great show. I would love the chance to read the books.

  52. Joanne McIntyre

    Forgot to mention, Walt refuses to lose his hat, no matter the situation! My husband commented on this, deeming it “pretty silly”.

  53. Erin Hartshorn

    Great recap.

  54. Bill Mulrenin

    Count me in! Only read a couple of the books so far.

  55. Jane Hixon

    I’m new to the Longmire series on tv, but was able to catch up on all of Season 1 just in time to catch last night’s episode starting Season 2, which I really enjoyed and thought was a good beginning for the new season. Some very good acting and prefect casting. Loved the white buffalo, the owl, Ferg’s comment and, of course, the unflappable Henry.

  56. Dan Stinton

    I’m very much conflicted as to whether I should finish reading the books first before watching Season 1. I frankly can’t handle the pressure.

  57. Linda Rodriguez

    So happy to see a series that keeps faith with the books it was based on!

  58. Kathy Fannon

    Love the whole white buffalo thing.
    Thanks for the great opportunity.

  59. Susan Meek

    I’m sorry, but I like the books better. The TV show is good, but I’d rather read the books.

  60. L L

    Nice recap

  61. charles mitelhaus

    Really enjoyed it as well as watching it. Love Walt continuing to grab his hat no matter what!

  62. Marie-Louise Molloy

    [b] One of the best shows to hit the airwaves last season, watched last night and Walt just blows me away~also makes my heart go pitter-patter!! [/b]

  63. Jody Darden

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  64. Mo Heedles

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  65. Pat Murphy

    So glad that the series is back. It is the highlight of my Monday night TV. Network TV is the dregs of humanity but this series brings hope that TV will be something other than reality shows. Would really like to read the rest of the series.

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    Only recently became a convert to both the books and the series. Whoever did the casting did an excellent job for the series. Still like the books better, though.

  67. Sue Farrell

    Love this TV series—been waiting all winter for it to come again this summer.

  68. Connie Saunders

    Thrilled that the new season has begun. Craig Johnson is now a very popular author at our library and this series is one of the reasons!!

  69. Rich Lawrence

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  70. Beachcomber49

    Have all the books, but want to say Season 2 off to a fantastic start!

  71. Stephanie Budell

    I missed the episode, but will watch it later. Your discussion will give me an even better insight into the action.

  72. sue brandes

    I was so looking forward to the new season and it did not dissapoint. This is going to be a great season.

  73. sue brandes

    I was so looking forward to the new season and it did not dissapoint. This is going to be a great season.

  74. nancy black

    Unquiet mind! I absolutely adore series like this! Of course the Horses are the unsung stars too..lol.

  75. Lloran Johnson

    Great episode! Helps to have read the book for a better understanding of what was going on, especially w/ the spiritual aspects. Really enjoyed the episode and am looking forward to the next.

  76. Fred Gillis

    The mystical/spiritual side of Walt (and his dismissal of it) is why I love this series. Great cast and writing. Keep it coming!

  77. Joyce Delaney

    I’ve read the entire Longmire series and would like to win this set for use by the mystery book club that I moderate.

  78. Kathy Sales

    This episode was very satisfying. I’ve read all the books (except the one that’s just being released). I enjoyed this adaption of [b]Hell is Empty[/b]. It was a great balance of the realistic and the mystical, and the characterization was right on. I hope all of this season’s shows are this good.

  79. Jane Squires

    Please enter me to win – jrs362 at hotmail dot com

  80. Lynette

    I had not read Craig’s books until this series came on. Now I can’t get enough.

  81. Rosemary Simm

    Longmire is one of the best shows made for TV in a long time. The fact that it made the second season proves that there is an audience wanting to watch this series. Hope it makes a long run!!

  82. Saundra K. Warren

    So glad the wait is over!

  83. David Vinther

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  84. mrwagner mrwagner

    Great series (even if Walt always has to wrap it all up by his lonesome). Mine bride and I look forward to each and every one. Thank you DT, of blessed memory, for insisting I take home Walt’s er Craig’s first!

    Our GPS? We named her, ‘Vic’. And you know why!

  85. ddurance

    I haven’t seen Longmire yet. It looks interesting though. Great contest too!

  86. bigsandwich6

    I enjoy this series.

  87. Rose Milligan

    I just finished season 1 of Longmire, so I can begin the second season with my husband. I really enjoy the characters. This is an awesome giveaway. Thanks for having it. I can’t wait to watch the rest of the new season.


  88. Donna Antonio

    So glad that Longmire is back. It is one of the few shows that my husband and I both enjoy.

  89. Desmond Warzel

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    Sounds great! Guess I better read it, since I don’t have a TV. (Every now and then I see how TV can make life easier – not too often.)

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  92. Terri Wagoner

    I have waited months for this premire.. I love Walt, he is a one of a kind. When I watch Longmire I want to go out west to his country. I had no idea until today that there are books!!! I cant wait to start reading all of them. Praying for many seasons!!

  93. Kim Akers

    I love this show. It is so nice to see westerns making a comeback on television. And they do dovetail quite nicely with the books for a change!

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    This is an exciting sweeps. I do like the tv series muchly.

  95. Jean Feingold

    Longmire does a great job of evolving the traditional western into a modern cop show. The character interaction, the gorgeous scenery, the chance to visit a place I could never live (way too cold!), and the clever plots all make it something I enjoy watching.

  96. babs allen

    Haven’t read any of the books, but I did watch 1st season and liked it. I keep intending to look for them at the library, so it would be nice to win them instead. 😀

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  100. Shannon Manville

    I think this episode should have had a two-hour premier. That way, Theo’s bones could have been incorporated and the conclusive fight between Walt and his antagonist would have added more depth and made for a more satisfying ending. Ah, the compromise between books and their screen adaptations!

    I love Katee as Vic, with her short temper and mean right hook! I don’t think I’ll ever get used to Bailey. Lou Diamond Philips is spot-on as Henry, and the icing on the cake!

    As I am constrained to library books, I would LOVE to have Mr. Johnson’s fine books to own. Thanks for the opportunity!

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    I’m hoping things will be better next week

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  131. Joseph R. Ormerod

    I Loved the premier, a pretty good adaptation of “Hell’s Empty”!!!
    Too bad no Virgil White Buffalo…with the exception of the symbolic white buffalo calf. I REALLY love Robert Taylor as Walt Longmire, he truly embodies our venerable sheriff… if with a little less of a sense of humor. But that’s all writing. The rest of the cast is superb as well, love Vic and The Ferg and Branch gives us someone we love to hate!!

  132. Donald Hornbaker

    This my favorite show!!!

  133. J

    A fantastic premire for a new season. I loved the psychological element to it all. Walt, alone, facing his choices. The spirit of Walt’s convictions, not only to go after the prisoners, but his other descisions as well really defines him. Henry, ever loyal, the best of best friends, not even thinking twice about going to rescue Walt. Vic was great, she can really show such a range of emotion ( and I have to admit, her hitting the FBI guy, while perhaps not wise, was great!!).

  134. CarolRae

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  135. Julie D Campbell

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  136. Wds

    Loved the episode and can’t wait for the rest of the season! I would love for an episode to be based on the book Kindness Goes Unpunished.

  137. Mary Saputo

    Holy comments, Bat Man. Did anyone NOT watch this show? I really enjoyed it and am glad it’s back. So glad, also, that the OTHER channels have finally got some quality shows to watch while ABC, NBC and CBS start the inane season with shows like The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, The Mistresses (can’t wait for that one). As a matter of fact, I watched The Glade and then directly into Longmire. Good for you, A&E.

  138. CJ Barwin

    Last night was a good one – I’ve been waiting for Longmire to come back! Fell in love with the characters early on last season, and the setting is a natural draw. With so much broadcast network time devoted to mindless “reality” shows now, it’s such a welcome relief to find well-produced shows like this.

  139. Don Gentry

    Love the mystical things they work in, and Katee Sackhoff is hot in this role !

  140. Joan Boose

    Even as number 138, I hope you’ll let me win the series. My job doesn’t allow for much TV time but I make time to read when I’m on the road. I would love to have the set of books.

  141. Robert Matheson

    What a great way to start a new season.

  142. Maggie Bollar

    I can’t wait to work my way through this series of books.
    I just found out that the author of Longmire is from Huntington, West Virginia, and that’s where I’m from, too. I would love to win the books!

    Maggie Bollar
    827 Plumwood Dr.
    New Carlisle, OH 45344

  143. Ron Roseborough

    A tough, intelligent lawman with a few grey hairs. What’s not to like. Count me in.

  144. Diane

    I am so glad to finally get to watch my new favorite show on tv. Love the books and have many of the books as well as the cd’s and dvd. I am happy with most of the show but miss most is the humor and would like to see Lucien come back again. Not too crazy about the Branch bits and the animosity with the Indians, in the books Walt has a very good relationship with them. But do enjoy the show and will take the bad with the good. Really love the job Misters Taylor and Phillips do with their characters, the friendship from the books comes through. Cannot wait until next week and the next book.

  145. Judy Schooler

    Started reading the Longmire series quite a while ago and was very excited to see that someone in TV land had a great idea to make it into a series. Season 2 started out great and I am sure will only get better. Would love to own the entire series.

  146. Judy Schooler

    Started reading the Longmire series quite a while ago and was very excited to see that someone in TV land had a great idea to make it into a series. Season 2 started out great and I am sure will only get better. Would love to own the entire series.

  147. teresa sopher

    Got off to a fine start….again.

  148. Beth Talmage

    This sounds like my kind of series. I don’t know how I’ve missed it. Now I just have to decide whether to read the books before I watch the show.

  149. Heather Lyba

    Robert Taylor is amazing. A perfect pairing of actor and role.

  150. Elaine Charton

    Love this series! So glad it is back. Season started with a bang! The actors are amazing. Loved it when Vic punched the FBI guy and still think Branch needs to be taken down a peg or three.
    Robert Taylor is one amazing actor. Walt and Henry together are a joy to watch.
    I’ve read all the books except the newest. Can’t wait to read it. I got the books from the library so would love to win some of my own.

  151. Tiffany Duncan

    This looks really good!

  152. Tiffany Duncan

    This looks really good. 🙂

  153. Tina Trevino

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  154. Mary Thompson

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  155. Mary Lauff-Thompson

    The show is new to me-sounds interesting

  156. Lynn Ristau

    I really enjoyed the season opener. Can’t wait for next week.

  157. lynette barfield

    I had not read any of Craig’s books before I started watching the show. Now I can’t wait for more shows and books.

  158. Karen Terry

    I watched the new episode Monday. It was great.

  159. Ramin

    Have been meaning to watch this show for a while now! Cant wait to start!

  160. v cess

    Started reading this series two years ago……fell in love with the whole magilla. Johnson’s use of spirituality to tie this collage of characters and events together is a sweet, sweet reward to this reader and fan…..huge fan. And, while I applaud his fame and fortune, I whisper a little prayer that the stories become enriched, also. Seen an awful number of laudable series get devoured by the insatiable demands of the “boob tube”. Gratitude and best wishes and prayers, Mr. Johnson!

  161. Dale

    The series is as good as the books. Very glad it’s back.

  162. Phoenix

    I’ve yet to read the books, but find the series one of the best on TV. Excellent character-building, fine believable cast, thoughtful storylines. I’m looking forward to the rest of Season 2.

  163. Kris Kaminski

    allways wanted to read the books! and am enjoying the show

  164. linda gwiazdowski

    love longmire hes such a down to earth cowboy sherrif,all the characters as a whole make for a fantastic show .always lookinf foward to the next episode

  165. Jeff Fitzgerald

    Just added the show to my Hulu queue!

  166. vicki wurgler

    my husband and I watch this series-love it

  167. Ron Phillips

    A very strong kick off to the season. Rewatched the first season on Netflix last week while I convolesced. Two more new episodes and I’ll have my hand back. I hope.

  168. Thomas Walker

    This is a great show that I really enjoy. I would love to win the books!

  169. Vicky Boackle

    looks terrific.

  170. Mike Rogers

    That single episode was better than a lot of movies I’ve suffered through lately. What an exciting beginning to one of my favorite shows.

  171. Cindy ODonnell

    After watching Longmire for the first time last season, my husband and I were ready to pick up and move out west. What a great show!

  172. CarolK

    Darn, darn, I missed this first episode. Thanks for a great recap and I’ll be certain to catch the next episodes.

  173. CarolK

    Darn, darn, I missed this first episode. Thanks for a great recap and I’ll be certain to catch the next episodes.

  174. cheryl wong

    looks like a good read

  175. becky wollenslegel

    so glad it’s back

  176. Julie Couture

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  177. Joseph Whiteman

    I am so glad Longmire is back. This season looks even better than last season. Plus, the DVD’s were released yesterday! It would really make my summer to win these books. Thank you so much for the chance to win.

  178. Melissa Keith

    As usual I’m missing out. I’ve never seen LONGMIRE on TV. However it would please me greatly to read the books first. I’m moseying away now to find a longhorn to kiss. I think that will give me good luck. Yes, I’m in Texas. YEEEHAWWW!!!

  179. John Monahan

    Watched the 1st season and then devoured the books. I’m really looking forward to the rest of the new season!

  180. Irene M

    I enjoy the series and I can see the characters evolving into more substance with the first episode of the new season. I’d love to read the books.

  181. Irene Menge

    I enjoy the series and I can see the characters evolving into more
    substance with the first episode of the new season. I’d love to read the

  182. Katherine M.

    Wow, this is a real treat of a prize! Would love to win it.
    As for the season 2 starter – it was outstanding. I really like the fact that the show’s writers are continuing to bring out the mysticism of the books.

  183. paul sproul

    Great books, great show!

  184. Kenneth Konczal

    This was a most interesting episode in that it showed his perseverence

  185. runner

    Groovy Longmire!

  186. Amie Ward

    I love this series, both on TV and in the books.
    It’s a great mystery, supernatural (indian shaman stuff) and western. What’s not to like?
    I would love to have this collection since the books I’ve read were on loan and saddly had to be returned.

  187. Darla Cook

    Love the series. So glad it is back on for a second season!

  188. Larena Hubble

    I am so glad that the series is back. I enjoyed the first episode. loved the buffalo.

  189. Andrew Kuligowski

    I did not catch the Season 2 premiere yet. Since I haven’t yet read “Hell is Empty” (it’s # 7, I’m only up through # 5), I may wait.

    (I only have the “The Cold Dish” in my permanent collection – but it IS personalized!)

  190. Debi Jackson

    I am enjoying this series so very much – and am so glad season 2 has begun. Oh, and I would love to get all the books too. Walt rocks!

  191. Brad Cummings

    Walt’s back and things are getting better!

  192. Rhontill

    Loved the new episode we really missed the show!

  193. Heather Martin

    Johnson has become the Zane Gray of the modern west.

  194. Anastasia

    I love this show! I didn’t realze it was based on novels tho! They would be awesome to read 🙂 Thanks for the super cool giveaway!

  195. Margit Curtright

    I hope my dvr is still remembering to record this series!

  196. Anne Marie

    I’m a reader rather then a watcher. I found this book difficult to follow, with the hallucinations confusing me as much as him. I’m anticipating that the show will be clearer, if for no other reason than the time restrictions involved in a TV episode.

  197. Jane Wright

    Looking forward to the new season.

  198. Joyce Benzing

    Nice recap!

  199. Loren Palmer

    can’t wait 4 this 1 thanx!

  200. Chris Hamilton

    Dig the series and enjoyed the episode, but isn’t Charles Dutton’s character froom Denver, rather than Chicago? Also, perhaps I missed something, but they were about the have Snowmageddon, then Walt’s running around in a couple inches of snow with no snow on the trees. Was there something about the storm changing direction that I missed?

    I liked Bailey Chase in Saving Grace so it’s a little hard to see him the way he is here. Robert Taylor seems perfect.

  201. Rosemary Krejsa

    The premier was very compelling. It’s nice to have such great character development. I’m ready for the next episode.

  202. BookLady

    Both my husband and I enjoyed the first season of Longmire, but I must admit that we haven’t read any of the books. Would love to read them, and winning them in this sweepstakes would be the perfect way to get started!

  203. Maureen Duncan

    The season opener was great! A country gal who loves crime stories,this series hits the spot for me.The whole cast are all wonderful and liking the full cast is an important issue with me.The flashbacks for Walt are a important part of show,giving us a inside view of his character and history.After Walt fell in that freezing water I froze just watching him move on.I would be thrilled to own the books and thanks for a chance to do so.So glad this unique and clever show is back!

  204. Peter Salisbury

    Glad the show is back. This episode was a little more bloody then I like and wish the election would be over. I hope registering doesn’t get me on any SPAM list! Thanks.

  205. Jess Ferguson

    Just discovered Longmire, the series. Gonna have fun catching up!

  206. Mary Moretti

    I really enjoyed Unquiet Mind,the pacing was great, they didn’t give the game away before the ending. Great characters, everyone I’ve spoken with who’s a fan all say the same thing, they find it refreshing to see real people types, as opposed to the standard shiny, happy Hollywood types. It’s been quite a while since I’ve liked a tv series as much as I do Longmire. I’m a new fan, still can’t understand how I missed the first season.. but I made up for it watching last year’s episodes on netflix. I’m looking forward to reading Craig Johnson’s Walt Longmire series.

  207. Mary Lou Walsh

    Counted the months, then days, to the premier of the second season. The 1st season Pilot hooked me instantly and then I fell in love with the book series and raced through all 8. While doing genealogy research digging through old family photos recently, I discovered I was conceived in Johnson (Absaroka) County while my parents were vacationing. I guess that explains my instant addiction to the series.

  208. Katie Anne

    This is awesome. So many just awful shows on the TV – We almost gave up last year and cancelled the cable – Then Longmire aired and we were hooked and kept the cable. Loved the new episode this week!!

  209. M W

    Glad Longmire’s back with a longer season…

  210. John Clark

    Cool series, would love to win

  211. Linda Calloway

    Love the show and excited about the new season!

  212. Jen Upton-Grayson

    I love the Longmire series! I’ve read all the books – can’t wait for Serpants Tooth to be released! The 1st episode back -really should have been 2 hours – so much good stuff from the book was left out.

  213. Sandm1n

    I’m still having a problem accepting the plot point that a Chicago police officer is so concerned over the death of a drug dealer he keeps pursuing Walt. In real life, I doubt anyone, even the police, would be too upset. Is there more to the story? It has me wondering now.

  214. Macy Cullinan

    I have read all the books and absoluetly love them! They are fantastic! I haven’t had time to watch the TV show yet, but as soon as my son leaves for college, I will have my very own Walt Longmire DVD marathon! I would so LOVE to have the complete set of his books!

  215. Shannon Howshar

    What a great season opener, so excited that the show is back and with more episodes this year!! Yay!

  216. Debbie Lucas

    just in time

  217. Tim Ward

    Just watched the first episode, like it so far.


    This episode left me cold, glad I was not up in the mountains.

  219. Wendi Morris

    LOVE the show! A strong start to the season. Excellent!

  220. Anita Parish

    I’ve been waiting for Longmire to return and I was not disappointed. Great show!

  221. Cheryl Greenleaf

    Sounds like a great series!

    Thank you for this giveaway.

  222. John OBrien

    Very happy to see a new Longmire book and the return of the series, which has some fine actors.

  223. Gabrielle Hodge


  224. snow dog

    Longmire is my favorite show and the season 2 opener did not disappoint although I think it could have been a 2 part episode. Not sure if those that haven’t read Hell is Empty would have fully understood the episode. It wasn’t clear what happened to the wounded FBI agent in the end. Robert Taylor is perfect in this part as is the rest of the cast. They did a superb job of casting.

  225. Helen Lento

    Longmire is a wonderful show. Excellent writing, cast and crew. I’d love to win the books. Glad Longmire is back for season 2!

  226. Kent Johnson

    Absolutely love Hell is Empty and I can’t wait to get caught up on the show and watch this episode of Longmire.

  227. Joe Hauser

    Very nice!

  228. pat foster

    i thought they were not renewing this show since it took so long to come back. i am so glad i was wrong.

  229. Chris Irvin

    I need to catch up on season 1 ASAP.

  230. Brenda Tucker

    I’m so glad the series is back – I love it!

  231. Jaime Hypes

    I love the show, and would really like a chance to read the books behind the series.

  232. Heather Cowley

    My mother would FREAK if I won this for her! Crossing everything!

  233. tom coady

    It was a good episode, but the books are much better

  234. Cory Skalisky

    Love the premier and absolutely love the show. More. More. More.

  235. Sarah Hale

    Can’t wait to catch up on S2 when I’m stateside again.

  236. Bob Keck

    I’ll be playing catch up – until now I was unaware of both the books and the TV series. Please help me catch up!

  237. CherylMc

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  238. Joanne Mielczarski

    I LOVE THIS SHOW! Please pick me.

  239. letessha

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  240. Daniel Morrell

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    i can’t wait to see season 2!

  256. Laurie Emerson

    I love this series The acting is amazing and the show just gets better and better. I have to admit that I have not read any books, but if they are as good as the series, I know that they are a must read!

  257. Sarah McKee

    I haven’t seen this series but it sounds interesting.

  258. Beverly Metcalf

    One of my favorite shows. Thanks for having this contest.

  259. Buddy Garrett

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  260. star95011

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  261. Tim Moss

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  262. Gianna

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    I want more…thank you for the giveaway!

  264. Wanda Banks

    I want more…thank you for the giveaway!

  265. Brian Eason

    Thanks for the giveaway…great tv adaptation, we would love to win !

  266. barbara stenby

    Watched most of LongMire last season would love the book series to go along with it. Catching up on DVR right now!

  267. cookster77

    I love good ole western stories, sounds like an interesting series

  268. Erin Cook

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  269. Johanna Bouchard

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  270. headnclouds

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  271. Edward Vandenberg

    This looks like a good show. I have not seen it yet.

  272. Allison Brennan

    Great recap. I loved this episode — you’re absolutely right on that it was a great snapshot of character and everyone played their part pitch perfect.

  273. Elise Foss

    I just put this show in my Netflix queue! I can’t wait to start watching it.

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