Jason Bourne: New Trailer

Last night, some of us focused on the athletic competition of a sport's elite teams battling it out for the championship; some of us focused on the theater of what was a memorable half-time show (see: Chris Martin's shoes); and some of us focused on what went on between the broadcast—the ads—particularly the new movie trailers.

And last night, we got a 30 second peak at the upcoming Bourne movie marking the return of Matt Damon as Jason Bourne and Paul Greengrass directing him. Apparently, Jason Bourne is back (in the aptly titled Jason Bourne), he's ripped, and he remembers everything.

What I deduced from the trailer: Matt Damon is going to run through everything in his path and spend about an hour and half straight kicking ass.

I'm OK with that.

What the trailer below to see for yourself:


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