Want More Janet Evanovich?: 4 New Stephanie Plum Books and a New Series in the Works

Wicked Business by Janet Evanovich
Wicked Business by Janet Evanovich
Earlier this week, Wicked Business, the second book in Janet Evanovich’s Lizzy Tucker and Diesel series hit bookstores nationwide and seems destined for the best seller list. But fans of Evanovich’s other best-selling books, featuring bounty hunter Stephanie Plum,  have reason to celebrate, too. Random House announced on June 21 that there will be four more books in the Stephanie Plum series. According to OmniMystery News:

Already under contract is  Notorious Nineteen, set for release in November 2012. No word on the breakdown between numbered and between-the-numbers titles.

The publisher also announced that Evanovich will team up with Lee Goldberg—author of the “Mr. Monk” novels based on the USA Network series Monk—to write a new book series. According to the publicity materials, it will feature FBI agent Kate Winslow and international fugitive Danny Cole and will be “a thrilling combination of crime, romance, and adventure.” The first in the series is scheduled for publication in Fall 2013.

So are you excited to hear about this news? Or do you think 18 is enough for Stephanie Plum? Can she ever decide between Morelli and Ranger, even by Number 22? What do you think of Evanovich’s Lizzy and Diesel series? Let us know in the comments!


  1. Neliza Drew

    She still hasn’t chosen? I quit reading the Plums back around book six because I couldn’t take the indecision. They were fun otherswise.

  2. Jennifer Proffitt

    So you’re not the sort of fan that can’t stand the series after the couple gets together, you would much rather know? I think I’d agree, sexual tension can only take you so far, and then you get exasperated!

  3. Pam Briz

    Why pick one man when she does both of them. I’m tired of the series. I didn’t think she would turn into a slut but I was wrong. The comedy has dropped off to IMO. What happened to the comedy like the humping dogs…now that was classic.

  4. Darlene George

    I’d like to see the Plum series go back to the fun of the earlier books and not all the silly stuff. And what about romance, I wouldn’t choise either of these guys either. Morelli already treats her like a well used wife. He never takes her out anywhere. Ranger does seem to respect her mind but nothing else. Maybe there needs to be a new guy introduced.

  5. Eileen O'Keefe

    I love the series because it continues to give me what I expect: lots of zany action and wacky characters. Sure the earlier novels were tighter stories/plot lines but the books still make me laugh out loud. The characters feel like old, cherished friends. It doesn’t bother me that Stephanie has not chosen between Morelli and Ranger. (I am a Morelli fan.) I look forward to each release and pre-order them. Keep them coming Janet.

  6. Mary Saputo

    My first Stephanie Plum was out of order so I went to the library and got all the books I could in the series. I remember being up north at a friend’s house and we were looking for cold bottled coffee. In the last store, I found the coffee and then saw a Janet Evanovich book and bought it for her. I said – what could be better – Janet Evanovich and a cold coffee. I no longer feel that way about the Stephanie Plum books. JE has been writing the same story for several books now, the same relationship with both Morelli and Ranger and the same job. I’m tired of Lulu and believe it’s time for JE to pick one of the guys and end the series. I don’t see what these guys see in her. She must really be good in bed. Obviously she’s available whenever they want. As for JE’s other books, I’ve NEVER found them as good as the beginning stories in the Stephanie Plum series. And writing with another writer? I’ve never found that to be a winning combo either. I’m being really negative (really?) but I feel the same as a LOT of JE’s fans. We’re MAJORLY disappointed in what she’s been turning out lately. If you can’t keep up the quality, I guess there’s nothing like quantity.

  7. Carmel Jordan

    I feel Janet isn’t really trying anymore. There isn’t much substance in the latest Plum books or the Diesal books. Wicked Business had one belly laugh moment but no sizzle or heat. It had a lot of filling eg describing this street or that and by the end you didn’t really care about anyone. This is hard for me to say because I am a huge Evanovich/ Plum fan. As for Ranger or Morelli, at least Ranger takes the time to make sure she is safe and usually knows where she is. Morelli couldn’t care less and only pays her attention when he want something. Come on Janet we know you can do better.

  8. Carmen Pinzon

    All I can say about the Stephanie Plum series is that it would be a kindness to let it RIP!

  9. Mary Saputo

    Here’s something else about JE. Years ago I saw her on 60 Minutes due to her popularity with the Plum series. She said she had been writing (for lack of a better description) Harlequin-like romance novels and wasn’t finding them very popular. Then she hit on the Plum series and rose to fame. Methinks her writing has done a complete turn-around.

  10. lb

    I loved, loved, LOVED the beginning books in the Plum series. I got so many people to buy One for the Money that I should have gottena commissions. I stopped buying the books around 10 or 11 but still read them from the library. The more recent ones weren’t that great, but 18 made me laugh out loud many times (which is really all I want from a Plum book). I want her to pick Joe Morelli; Ranger is too out there for her to settle down with and marry (and let’s face it, good girls from the Burg eventually get married). I will still read the Plum books as long as they are funny. I don’t read the other books; I don’t think JE even writes them herself. I have a sneaking suspicion that she has done a James Patterson and has other people ghost right the non-numbered Plum books and other stuff and has turned into a money making machine at the expense of her fans. And this disappoints me greatly.

  11. Mary Saputo

    You know, lb, I was thinking the same thing and if you go on Amazon and look up her books, there’s a LOT more people who think the same. They’ve even written to her and gotten “rebuffed” by her rude assistant. To paraphrase, he said – if you don’t like them don’t read them. But James Patterson – I vowed after reading the last one co-authored by some unknown that I wouldn’t read another. Absolutely not anywhere near James Patterson standards.

  12. Tiff

    POSITIVE REVIEW! I absolutely love the stephanie plum novels and I can’t wait for the next one.(19 wow!) The Morelli vs. Ranger thing is always steamy but i wish there was MORE of it! more jealousy, more heat, and yes of course, more s.e.x.! Janet is a great witer like she has proved with the eighteen other books.. I hope she never stops this series!

  13. Optimisticfan

    A close friend told me about these books. Unable to afford them myself she bought up to number 9 for me. Loved them. Laughed out loud to the point of tears.

    The next few books seem to be repeats. Still funny but lack plot structure. I love Ranger but don’t see him with Stephanie as anything more than a sex partner even though he says he loves her.

    Fans are too hard on Joe. See how you’d deal if the person you loved had such violence around her as a steady diet. He wouldn’t be so stressed if she used half the brain God gave her. She needs to hone her skills. She has great intuition but lacks common sense or self-preservation tendencies.

    I can see her as a police officer if she’d take the training. Now wouldn’t that be something. Stephanie as a cop. She’d have to wise up, get a clue, stop putting herself in danger by haring off at the drop of a hat. She could use her intuitive gift to help with crime scenes.

    All of this is just MHO.

  14. bkreader

    Optimisticfan I couldn’t have said it any better!! I agree 100% with everything you just said.

  15. Spoiler alert

    I just finished number 18 and loved all the books. Yes I hope she chooses morelli but if she did earlier she wouldn’t have ranger around for protection and when she needs the help. I can’t wait for the next books and whoever gave up on the series missed out.

  16. kkat

    I love all the SP books. I love the characters and the crazy antics. I don’t blame her for not being able to choose between her two loves. Combined they’d make the perfect man, but Morelli keeps trying to change her, to make her a berg-wife. Ranger accepts her for who she is and he shows his softer side only to her. Maybe he’ll reach a point when he can complete his Karmic dues and marry her. They could be married and continue to work cases…and Morelli should marry Connie.

  17. Virginia Morris

    Am an audio listener while doing my work and thoroughly enjoying many happy hours with all of J. Evanovich’s books. Having also enjoyed Monk, Miss Marple, Lilie Braun, Sherlock, Masterpiece Theater’s mysteries, etc., I think Lee Goldberg and Janet will be terrific! No marriage but close comaraderie including sexual tension as they all mature and become more and more expert, more puzzling mysteries, continuing the comedy and all the wonderful characters. I just love the comedy and sometimes soft side of the villains you create.

  18. Sarka-Jonae Miller

    I [b]love [/b]Janet Evanovich. I do understand what some people are saying about the series slipping a little but I don’t understand how people then go on to say that JE’s writing is not as good. After nearly 20 books in the series and so many plot lines already covered, there are a lot more limitations to what she can have Stephanie do, or stumble into. I still find the books amusing. People who want to take a break from the Plum series should consider JE’s other books, like the Alex Barnaby series. Alex is hilarious and a totally different character than Steph. I’m actually giving away a signed copy of [url=http://betweenboyfriendsnovel.blogspot.com/2012/10/like-janet-evanovich-or-lauren-alaina.html#]”Motor Mouth”[/url] to people who leave comments on a few blogs on my [url=http://betweenboyfriendsnovel.blogspot.com/2012/10/like-janet-evanovich-or-lauren-alaina.html#]blog tour[/url]. Super easy way to win a cool prize.

  19. AndreaW

    I only recently discovered the Stephanie Plum series and I have really enjoyed them. I guess everyone has something they are looking for in a story and for me the actual plot adds a bit of tension but mainly I’m reading for the sexual tension caused by Ranger and Morelli. Do I want her to pick? Nope. Once she choose all you are left with is an amusing thriller with usually a rather obvious villian. Who would I pick if I were here? Ranger everytime. ;o) I have book 19 on order and I am delighted to know there are more.

  20. Marianna

    I love SP. The stories are good and they entertain. I hope Janet
    keeps writing them. We always discuss them at our book club.

  21. Laurel

    I love the plum series! I wish she would pick Joe and make it forever! They could have so many stories as a couple. I think people have to realize Joe has to work and does not have money to keep buying her cars or have people following her. I think that is the reason he wants her to have a safe job! I think Janet could make it a wonderful story line about them working together . She could also make a new Ranger series. He has business all over the world. If ranger gets married , it would change to much of his persona ! I think there could be a lot more books if Janet wants to write them !

  22. Eileen Gernet

    I could never get enough of the Stephanie Plum books. I think there need to be some development between Morelli and Ranger. Maybe a twist, pregnant by Morelli-cheats on her and Ranger Marries her.
    Some twist. I think Ranger is the one but he needs to develop as well

  23. Megatron

    I only discovered these books 9 months ago. I have now read them all. I don’t think I would have stuck with the series if they hadn’t all been published, but they are like crack. I know they are cheesy and corny, but what I love about them are how they remind me about the culture I grew up in. I live in CA now and they don’t understand why the East Coast is the better coast. All of these books just make me pine for home where there is always good Italian food and personalities galore. These are perfect beach books or grocery store trash books that don’t have to be read in order. They’re not supposed to be the writing for a classic. I think Janet should keep them coming and continue to tease out Morelli and Ranger. Although, I think the only way a choice will be made is once Morelli or Ranger is killed in action.

  24. Mrs. Marty

    [color=rgb(0, 0, 0)] [/color]I love this series. Negative comments – why??? I have read all 19 and love them. Of course there were some books in the series that I liked better than the others, such as Hard Eight and Explosive Eighteen. It’s a book series people……..The sexual tension between Stephanie and her two guys and all her quirky adventures with Lula keeps the series entertaining. These are laugh out loud books – which are hard to find. I can’t wait to see who Stephanie ends up with.
    [color=rgb(0, 0, 0)] [/color]

  25. taisha

    I love her books she keeps me laughing and turning the pages cant wait to read 19!

  26. BookNerd 22

    I Love the S/P Series i don’t care so much about how many is made or who she ends up with (Though i think it should be Joe Morelli) and i don’t care about plots or villians i like the books because it take me away from my world for an hour or two into a world of adventure,love and lots of laughs i can’t wait for number twenty and i’m also looking forward to some more of the Lizzy Tucker and Deisel Series Wicked Appitite and Wicked Buisness or funny and Wulf is soooo Hot i think he’s is really starting to care for Lizzy in a way he’s not comfortable with i’m looking forward to how that will play out Janet Evanovich sould keep um coming i’m ready for the next book like NOW.

  27. Treasa

    I really love there books. When is 20 coming out? They have made me laugh out load so many times. Great fun

  28. Amy R.

    I love the Stephanie Plum series! They are supposed to be light-hearted
    and funny! They are not meant to be intense, save the world, serious books. I adore grandma Mazur! She is a hoot! Need a lot more of her!! I kind of don’t care if she chooses between Ranger or Morelli. She doesn’t need to be knocked up either, so hope they are being safe either way. A tad bit more jealousy might be ok and I think it would be nice to have a real date, maybe. Lula dating would be hilarious! Honestly, between Ranger and Morelli, kind of a Ranger fan. Actually, i don’t really want her to choose. A little sexual tension can be a good thing!

  29. Shawntae j.

    I love the books and can’t wait until 20 comes out but I’m a ranger fan as he is always there for her no matter what and always protects her. He also doesn’t complain about her career choice and he has that sexy babe thing going on. Joe on the other hand is always complaining about her work and doesn’t appreciate what she does I mean he has a dangerous job so why should he judge her. He always just wants to hit the sheets then it’s off to work. Think about it would you want someone that protects you and respects you or someone who doesn’t respect you and wants to have sex all the time

  30. Spfan

    I love the series. I’m a Ranger fan myself. Would like to find out what his secrets are though. I hope JE continues to write about Stephanie and her crazy life.

  31. Delta Girl

    I am a huge JE fan. I listen to the audio books while I am working. I don’t care what anyone say. I have enjoyed all of them. Some are better than others and I definitely have my favorites. It doesn’t matter who she chooses. I like both men and they both compliment her. As long as JE continue writing them, I will continue to read/listen to them.

  32. Chants

    I’m a huge fan of the series. I’m hooked and I am seriously happy that there will be more books coming out soon. I was starting to get depressed that I was towards the end of the series. I like both guys but I must say that I am always routing for Ranger – a little bit of danger is always sexy and as the others have said, he never complains about her chioce of career and is always there. Morelli is comfortable but is he enough for her spirit?!

  33. Kruk

    Love the plum book. Laughed out may times reading 17. But stop with the stupid car fires and cars blowing up. Just the same ok crap More Lula and Connie combo. Oh and more granny. Love her too
    pick Morelli. She just seems so loose with ranger

  34. Cynthia Jean

    I love the Stephanie Plum books. I can’t wait for number 20 to come out. I actually miss all the characters. I wish JE would let Joe Morelli come to her rescue some of the times. He was more heroic in the first one, and it’s implied that he is heroic, but she never writes it. Stephanie doesn’t want to be her mother, she wants to be Wonder Woman. Being married doesn’t have to be the end of your life if you’re a talented writer.

  35. SassyPants618

    PLEASE keep writing Plum novels! I don’t care who Stephanie chooses, or if she EVER chooses. I can’t stop reading these books! I’ve even re-read some of them. I’m hesitantly starting on Wicked Business, but am not sure anything could compare to how I relate to Stephanie. If this series never ends, I could die a happy woman.

  36. SassyPants618

    P.S. – I love these books like Stephanie loves birthday cake!

  37. Lauren Simpson

    The Plum series used to be the only thing I would read. I did read the Barnaby series but was let down when I went to find that halfway through the series, JE turned it into a comic book. Im starting to feel the same way about Stephanie Plum. Its the same story over and over again. If JE cant give her readers more substance or a deeper plot like a pregnancy or something else to re-capture her readers, she should just give us all a break and end it. Ive been a dedicated Plum follower for many years so I feel committed to finish the series but, sheesh! Hoe many more cars can Stephanie blow up? Give your faithful readers what they deserve, Janet.

  38. Laura K. Curtis

    Lauren –

    If you like Plum I HIGHLY recommend Nancy Martin’s Blackbird Sisters mysteries. Not as out-and-out funny, but light, with some great moments, a lot of sexy tension, and solid mysteries. They start with How to Murder a Millionaire and there’s actual ARC and growth. I think there are 5 or 6 in the series.

  39. wicked

    This series is well over due for retirement. The same tired old story line with a few new names added.

  40. Dorothy Hayes

    I wonder if the series is ready for retirement or not, I’ll have to figure that out. I’m a big fan and have not been disappointed yet. I love to laugh while reading.

  41. love2Read

    Ok So I Love The S/P Series it’s alot of Fun to Read but isn’t it Time For Steph to Grow up i mean come on she’s in her 30’s and still lives like she’s in collage no wonder nobody Takes her seriously. Don’t get me wrong at the beginning of the series it was funny but that was 18 books ago i’ll still read the books no matter what cause i’m still interested to know how it turns out but come on Janet gave Joe a nice house and a great dog gave Ranger his own company and a great one at that she even got Stephanies sister remarried with two more kids and all this time the lead charater is still in a crap apartment with a hamster and only eats peanut butter and olive sandwiches for dinner she’s even still scared of marrige i think janet should make the 20th book the last make steph grow up and stop acting like a child and chose a guy and i think janet should focue more on her new books i know it will be sad to see the series die but pretty soon no one is even gonna care about stephanie plum anymore all good things have gotta end sooner or later right (but i guess that is just one persons thoughts)

  42. MJ

    I love love the SP series, but I’m a big Ranger fan would love to see a book with Stephnie spending time with Ranger like she has Joe. Ranger takes care of Stephnie and is always there when she needs him. I like them together more then Steph and Joe

  43. Joni

    For the haters out there — don’t read the books if you don’t like it. I love the Stephanie books and can’t wait for more of them to be released.

  44. LindaCarol

    I’ve loved the SP series. However the last few books have beome a little too formula driven. But as far as the man choice; Joe would be great if Stephanie weren’t an adrenaline junkie. She is not be the nice suburban housewife he is looking for. Ranger has a live in maid, chef, handyman curently to do those things for him. If she became part of his security company, they could live happily ever after.

  45. CatherineLee

    Yes, Stephanie is a bit of a nitwit, and I DON’T see what Morelli and Ranger see in her. BUT – she is Funny! One of the best aspects of these stories is Lula – she is a star all by herself. As far as love interest, Morelli is just a “horn dog” Go for Ranger!

  46. Kbm30

    I don’t understand the fascination with Ranger. He really has never opened up with Stephanie about anything, except when he needs her to help with something. The whole “Babe” as a conversation thing would never be something that I would find attractive. People say that he is allowing Stephanie to be who she is, but in the meantime, he is tracking her, and bugging her and pushing her to move into Rangeman properties where she will be safe. How is that any different from Morelli telling her she is a disaster magnet (which she clearly is), and asking her to change professions. He loves her, and if I was him and my girlfriends car was constantly being blown up, and she was getting death threats on a regular basis, I probably would ask them to consider a change in career. (And I am married to a Police Officer.) I also feel that Ranger does not respect Stephanie. She continually tells him that she is in a relationship with Morelli, but he also continues to ignore her and kiss her. I guess we all interpret books in different ways and that is what makes them so much fun.

  47. Nicole McKethan

    Love the Stephanie Plum books but they are becoming a bit trite. The Lizzy and Diesel books seem to be dead before they lived so why not combine the 2 & see what happens? I’m thinking Ranger has to call in Diesel for an assist w/a bounty because of his “abilities”, and it just so happens that Wulf is chasing the same guy in his quest for a SALIGIA stone. Ranger meets Lizzy & develops a soft spot for her, and they all end up in the burg where Lizzy meets Joe & he falls in love with her cupcakes. Stephanie goes into a tailspin & finally realizes she has got to learn to COOK! It would be nice to see more of Wulf but please don’t do the whole Ranger/Morelli pick and choose thing. I’m looking forward to seeing more from all of these characters.

  48. evanfan

    Love [u]ALL[/u] the Plum books and The Wicked books. The characters are like old friends, the ones you like to hang with because they are always fun to be around. As for the opinions about ending the series – When I read books I don’t like…I don’t read them any more…! Your choice. Like if you don’t vote…don’t b…ch about who gets elected! Janet, I am looking forward to spending time with my old friends, laughing out loud at their antics regardless of where they end up. P.S. for those of you who are saying “she must not have any REAL friends!” You would be wrong. I just enjoy my quiet time as well.

  49. Terri Ballowe

    I just found out about this series last summer. I went to every garage sale I could all summer long and bought every book out there. The numbers that I could not find, I bought elsewhere. I have been reading them non stop in order ever since!! I am currently in the middle of Takedown Twenty and am so upset that I only have one more after that. These are the funniest books that I have ever read! I laugh out loud so hard that I cannot catch my breath. The sex is so hot too! I am a Morrelli fan all the way, but just like Stephanie, I find it hard to resist Ranger!! Some signs of jealousy out of Ranger could add a lot to the excitement. Please keep the books coming.

  50. Francis

    I have all the Stephanie Plum series. Laguh out loud funny. Yeah some of them are a little stale and I don’t think she will pick either Morreli or Ranger until the last book of thee series…it would ruin the suspense.

  51. Andrew Spader

    I love Stephanie & crazy cast of characters and have read every silly sentence of I think all of them, but I hope and wait for more of the Wicked series with Lizzy Tucker & Diesel, simply sweet, wicked & magical fun. Have only read Wicked Appetite & Wicked Business.. Looking forward to Wicked Charm soon and hope more to come. The first book mentions 5 or 7 stones that can possibly end the world as we know it if all brought together.. Only 2 found so far. Thank you my sister Lisa for turning me on JE.

  52. Lisa m

    Love the series just finished the 22nd. I hope their are many more to come

  53. Lady A

    Well, after reading 22 books involving a nitwit in her 30’s and her seemingly immortal hamster, I’m kinda bored with it. How did Rex survive the firebombings? Like, how?! Is he the hamsternator or something? I don’t get it. The sense of time passing through all these books is nonexistent. The concept of Steph and Morelli really doesn’t settle well with me. I don’t especially see the appeal to an Italian stallion with a sex drive set to high. There really wasn’t much in the way of character development throughout the series. Honestly, One for the Money and Twelve Sharp were the only real goodies for me, mainly because of how the characters change, even slightly. Ranger, a dad? Morelli, mature? *gasp* but anyways, all the interactions and all that other crap are lost as soon as you go on to the next book. The only thing consistent within the series is Babe and Morelli’s need for peptobismal. Honestly, it’s dragging along at this point. While 22’s ending had some kind of redeeming quality with Steph’s mom, it wasn’t worth twenty dollars on iTunes.

  54. Melissa Steed

    I don’t understand why everyone is saying that the Stephanie Plum series is dead. I’ve been reading them all since the beginning and I still love them. I really wish she’d put out the next Lizzy and Diesel before another Stephanie Plum but they are keeping me happy while I wait. And saying that Stephanie turned into a slut is crazy to me. She turns Ranger down on a regular basis… My point is, I adore Stephanie Plum and Lizzy and Diesel and I think JE is absolutely amazing! Keep up the amazing work!

  55. Melissa Steed

    Seems like most of the commenters only came to complain and what? Try to make Janet feel bad? I don’t get it… If you’re not into the series anymore then move on. This world is too into hating and bringing other people down. Don’t read them if you don’t like them. It’s a fairly simple concept.

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