Identity Thief Stealing the Laughs?

Identity theft is no laughing matter unless it involves Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman. The movie Identity Thief comes out this Friday and looks pretty hilarious and chock full of the physical comedy McCarthy has become famous for! So, will you be seeing it this weekend or does the creative license the film takes with legal codes push it too far for you?


  1. Dorothy Hayes

    My husband and I will wait until it comes out on CD. We’re a lot less picky when we pick a Red Box film. We love comedies. This looks like fun, but sometimes movies can be too stupid for us. They have to walk this narrow line…

  2. Jennifer Proffitt

    [b]@DorothyHayes[/b], yeah, it’s much easier to tolerate stupid if you’re only paying $1 for it, or even better when it’s free–that’s when I usually find myself using those coupons they send you! But I actually do think I’ll spend the money to see this one. I thought Melissa McCarthy was HILARIOUS in Bridesmaids and as a girl who grew up on Dumb and Dumber, I never get tired of physical comedy.

  3. Dorothy Hayes

    Yes, Jennifer, we need to laugh!

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