Hemlock Grove 2.09: “Tintypes”

Can she talk him out of killing his mass-murdering inhuman former lover?
This is it! Second to last episode! Ladies and gentlemen, place your bets! What are you expecting to go down as we near the end of Season 2?

The strobe effect in this intro is brilliant. While they're holding Peter (Landon Liboiron), we learn our cultists think that killing families will “save countless souls.” So, ridding the world of potential upir?

Destiny (Tiio Horn) calls in reinforcements since Peter keeps changing off-moon. He’s totally going to have to use his wolf to get out of the warehouse. Huh. Who knew the cult leader was a fan of Yeats?

Child-killers, sure, but well-intentioned ones.

Meanwhile, at the White Tower, the final treatment for Roman (Bill Skarsgård) is at hand. If he doesn’t go through with it, who knows what’ll happen. The virus will attack and rebond with his cells. Turns out Olivia didn’t know Prycilla (Alexandra Foster) was intended for Shelley.

She’s unenthused, he’s unmoved.

At the same time, Norman (Dougray Scott) is off to dispose of Olivia. It can’t be that easy. And Sheriff Chasseur (Demore Barnes) is in on it, Lady Detective (Lisa Marcos)!

There’s genuine tenderness between "monster" and "madman."

Here’s the end of the line for Shelley (Madeline Martin) as we know her. I’m surprised she wants to see Olivia, after all she’s done to her. I don’t think it was ever said how Shelley died the first time, but I assumed Olivia tried to kill her like she killed Juliette.

Uh oh. Roman’s doing something typically drastic. I bet you things aren’t ending well for Russian Doctor Lady Galina (Shauna MacDonald)! Nope. No, they’re not.

Is it possible she’s pushed her luck too far?

Olivia really has had a change of heart. She’s choosing Norman over herself, but we know Norman’s through with her. I’m not sure if I like New Olivia. It’s a refreshing change of pace for her, in addition to her new wardrobe. Red and black suit her well, and I’m sure her dry cleaning bill is far less expensive. Meh, she probably just threw out all the white clothes once she’d worn them.

Oh shit. Here’s the battle. Peter, why didn’t you grab the crossbow? I love the return of Roman’s battle axe. Whoa. Remember Roman’s freaky mind powers? Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. And Peter. What did the other guy just say about calling on the wolf?

This might be the cult’s last infant target.

Well, that’s just graphic. Let’s hear it again for the effects department. There’s still one episode to go, so what sort of punch are they going to throw at us? Is that really it for the mass murder cult? The leader (and maybe everyone else) is dead, so what’s left for the finale?

What the hell, Norman?! Can we stop stabbing things for five minutes?

Some people warm up for exertion with stretching or a brisk walk.

In a rare turn of events that does not involve bloodshed, we end on Olivia singing to Shelley. I don’t know what she knows now, since Shelley asked Dr. Pryce to let her mother think she was dead, but he told Olivia what Prycilla really was. I guess Olivia is finally mourning her last remaining daughter. Her Wizard of Oz reference rings accurate: Shelley gets a new brain, Olivia found a heart, Roman found the courage to remain upir and protect his daughter. Does that make Norman the Wicked Witch?

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