Hemlock Grove 2.08: “Unicorn”

This is how she looks speaking French.
More Olivia backstory!

Very Man in the Iron Mask. Okay, okay. Mind-map time. So Olivia (Famke Janssen) made a deal with the Order of the Dragon to police and govern her people. As long as they only ate the dregs of humanity, upir would be left alone. If they did not, Olivia was to punish them, or the Order would. Dr. Pryce also has a connection to the Order of the Dragon. Olivia mentioned that he would dispose of the people Olivia ate. So how old is he? Does this mean the Order sent Clementine Chausseur last season to punish Olivia, because they believed Olivia was committing the murders? Did this suddenly make sense? Did it really take almost two seasons to answer this question?

Roman (Bill Skarsgård) tells Peter (Landon Liboiron) about the gene therapy. There’s nothing like bonding with your best friend over corpse disposal. Roman’s still hungry for blood, but Peter’s looking out for him!

Wow, up until now, the masked murderers have all (to my knowledge) been guys, but this one’s a gal! It’s nice to see equality in the murder scene. Are the cult members all kidnapped children? Peter looks shocked at Roman’s ability to empathize, but after all, he was born into an abusive family.

What’s her story?
Dr. Pryce (Joel de la Fuente) is somehow downloading the consciousness, personality, and memories of Shelley (Madeline Martin) into Prycilla (Alexandra Foster). The kicker is: Shelley, as we know her, will be “jettisoned,”or, you know, euthanized.

How is there so much blood residue in Olivia’s house? Or is it? We've seen former sister-in-law Marie’s body. Her head was twisted around, but there was zero indication that she’d been drained. Norman tested the DNA, proving Olivia isn’t human. Even if detective lady Leticia (Lisa Marcos) grew up around Santería, there’s a low level of surprise in this town.

Peter’s quite the little detective! The boys make a narrow escape, thanks to a watch Sheriff Chasseur (Demore Barnes) finds on the body after arriving.

Ugh, is that a foot?

Jeepers Creeper.

Dr. Spivak (J.C. Mackenzie) is kinda creepin’ me out. It’s not just the sweater. Why is Miranda (Madeline Brewer) even taking the baby? It’s not hers, she hates kids, what could she possibly do with her? Oh, she ends up at Destiny’s (Tiio Horn) place. How?

Norman is confessing to being Roman’s dad, and Roman, thankfully, is having none of it.

Not as obedient as he used to be.
Oh, Sheriff Chasseur traced the symbol back to the Order and confronts Bishop (Philip Craig)! Oh, snap!

I am loving Shelley and Prycilla. This whole thing is so sad, but Shelley deserves to have a normal life.

You really get me!
I’m also so glad Destiny has a bigger role this season. I know I’ve said this a million times about several different characters, but I adore her.

Well, now! Looks like this whole murder cult goes a lot deeper than I thought. And thanks to Destiny, we know what they’re after. I don’t know if the caul is linked to upirism, since Roman was born with one, and so, apparently, was Nadia.

What doesn’t drown her…

Russian Doctor Lady Galina (Shauna MacDonald) tells an aging Olivia that her cure is, of course, Prycilla. If Olivia really has changed, does this mean she’ll give up her life for Shelley’s?

Looks like Norman’s romance with Olivia is over.

Peter, stop going places alone! You know it never turns out well for you. See? I told you so.

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