Hemlock Grove 2.06: “Such Dire Stuff”

Desperate measures.

I wasn’t wrong about Roman (Bill Skarsgård) being willing to do anything. Gene therapy? Look at all those needles. I’m terrified on Roman’s behalf.

He’s disgusted by what he is and it’s so painful to watch him dissolve. I love that he lets himself express his pain. Miranda (Madeline Brewer) is right; he’s totally a Byronic hero. I think he may have usurped my love for Peter this season.

Sheriff Chasseur (Demore Barnes) issued Peter (Landon Liboiron) an ultimatum dealing with solving the masked murders and obtaining information on his sister’s death. As far as I remember, Peter has no idea what happened to Clementine. Chasseur seems certain that Roman is to blame, but he did have photos of everyone and all the corpses on his desk. Like a creeper. Seriously, does no one else go into his office? Do they think it’s Sworn’s old murder board?

She’s up in Pryce’s grill on this one.
Oh, according to the Russian doctor lady with too-long a name (aka Galina, played by Shauna MacDonald), upirism is viral, which makes sense given Roman’s treatment and Pryce’s episode 1 quip about having an advanced degree in paleovirology. I don’t always understand what she’s saying, whether in English or in Russian, but she’s not afraid to defend herself or call Pryce out on his threats.

Shelley’s (Madeline Martin) sent out a call for help to Norman (Dougray Scott. Her little friend, Jason (Jack Fulton), is caught out by his abusive dad. The relationship between Shelly and Jason is so sweet. She runs to his defense, but as always, things go terribly wrong. For the first time, we hear Shelly speak. She’s changing too. I enjoy how much Norman and Pryce both care for her.

Shelley and Jason understand having lives full of d-bags.

Yeah, these guys are definitely after the kids. They’re the one common denominator in all the crimes we’ve seen. This guy, though, I guess couldn’t go through with it. There are bound to be some terrible ramifications for his inaction.

I’m not sure what to do with Andreas (Luke Camilleri). He’s flitted in and out of the season as Destiny’s boyfriend, acting mostly as comic relief. He spouts nonsense wisdom, but he’s not obnoxious. Destiny (Tiio Horn) doesn’t seem too keen on Miranda. She calls Miranda out on her grift, and Miranda doesn’t fight back. I’d think that if Destiny was way-off, Miranda would have had a rebuttal. We know someone crashed her off the road, but maybe it was a set up.

Woman to woman, I’ll destroy you if you force me.

Why hello fellow cultists! So our masked guys have a “unworthy”complex. Purifying themselves by killing children. That totally seems logical. Yeah.

Can we have a moment to appreciate Pryce’s sparkly sleep mask?

Two bros, an unrelated girl, and a baby…isn’t that a sitcom?

Ah, at last! Peter and Roman fighting is so funny. They’re both worn out and injured, but they make a go of it anyway. I’ve missed the Peter/Roman BFF dynamic. And of course, enter Miranda. Now they’ve both slept with her, so how’s this gonna go down?

Whoa, whoa, hold up! Is what I think is happening actually happening?

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