Hemlock Grove 2.07: “Lost Generation”

The cold, flourescent light of day…
Before I go on with commentary, I have to say at this point, we're coming down to the wire, which means I might have to mention more plot-points and turns. You’ve been warned.

Editor's note: We'll keep trying to keep any spoilers below the jump, but aren't you dying for more spoiler-filled gabbing?

What I thought was happening really happened.

Hello, awkward morning after! Apparently holding a threesome with Roman (Bill Skarsgård) and Peter (Landon Liboiron) means Miranda (Madeline Brewer) gets shared-dream insider info. Roman and Peter have a sidebar in the baby’s room. Finally, someone named the baby. Nadia is a cute name. I was sort of expecting something weirder.

When love triangle meets bro-mance…

So much for Chasseur’s (Demore Barnes) deal with Peter. Now, he’s questioning Roman. Some of these murders are taking place outside Hemlock Grove. Chasseur says this next one is in Ohio. Hemlock Grove is in Pennsylvania, so there a big radius for these crimes. I’m pretty sure Chasseur’s not on their side.

Not a frequent expression for the brooding one.

Aww! I love Shelley (Madeline Martin) and Roman. I might have teared up a little over their reunion. Roman loves her so much, and he’s so excited that Shelley can speak. Did anyone notice Olivia (Famke Janssen) crying? Roman isn’t falling her wanting-to-change act, but I think she’s actually wanting to be a better person. Is this a side-effect of her newly-found humanity?

Speeding from the reunion to revelations…

Whoa, Olivia, when you pull punches, you’re not joking. Last season, during Roman’s catabasis, the dream version of JR Godfrey told Roman he wasn’t really his father, implying that Uncle Norman (Dougray Scott) was. Olivia just confirmed it, which means the whole thing with the now-deceased Letha, Norman's daughter, just got even creepier. Roman is pretty disturbed by it, too. Oh, and JR wasn’t the founder of Godfrey Industries, but Olivia and Dr. Pryce were? Don’t know how much I believe in that one.

Olivia’s fingerprints match a murder from the 1960s. Okay. Remember when I said the upir goo was the grossest thing? I take it back, I take it back. This is the nastiest thing.

It is now my life’s mission to have someone refer to me as a “dark-haired, blood-thirsty, age-defying vixen.”

Just an empty blonde vessel waiting to be filled?

Dr. Pryce is giving Prycilla (Alexandra Gordon) to Shelley as a new body? How’s that going to work? Oh my god, you filthy liar! He’s telling Shelley Prycilla is a blank slate, clearly she’s not! Did he just mind-wipe her?!

About Miranda: I think Destiny (Tiio Horn) is right; there is some dark energy swirling around that gal.

Poor Destiny never sees puppies and rainbows.

Chasseur, why are you telling Norman and the lady investigator (aka Leticia Padilla, played by Lisa Marcos) about the upir? I thought this was all hush-hush! You are terrible at keeping secrets, man. I’m pretty sure if a questionable sheriff told me my partner was a vampire, I’d be having a different reaction, but this is Hemlock Grove, capitol of strange and unusual.

HE’S COVERED IN BEES! Okay, sorry, not a time for an Eddie Izzard joke. (They're going into the woods…again. We know that means carnage.)

Masked guys have real faces. Dead faces.

And once again, enter Miranda. She’s not stupid. She knows something’s up and then Roman, of course, leaves the iPad out with the info on it, but how did she get to Ohio so fast? Where’s Nadia?

Norman goes to gather evidence on Olivia, I guess. Okay, well that took a turn.

An unorthodox method of interrogation.

Yeah, put the baby in a box. That’s real safe. What’s up with the super weird freeze-frame close-up of Miranda’s face? Her eyes look wonky, but I can’t tell if that’s on purpose or if it’s the angle.

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