Grimm: Part Modern Detective Procedural, Part Dark Fairy Tale

It is no secret that the original fairy tales written by the brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm did not feature happy, sedated-looking woodland creatures frolicking about with doe-eyed, singing heroines. The stepsisters in “Cinderella” tried to swindle her Prince Charming by chopping off their toes to fit into the glass slipper. The evil queen in “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves” ordered the heart and liver of Snow White as a delicacy to snack on. The Wolf in “Little Red Riding Hood” is a crossdressing childeater. 

NBC’s new supernatural procedural, Grimm, takes a look at the darker elements of these “children’s stories” through a contemporary lens. David Giuntoli stars as Nick Burkhardt, an Oregon detective who wakes up one day with the ability to see monsters from folklore hiding in our world. He decides to roll with it (I probably would have called my psychiatrist to double-check my medications) and finds out that he is a Grimm, a hereditary line of paranormal criminal profilers and headhunters—kind of like Fox Mulder meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer when the clock strikes twelve. True to procedural style, the cases will be wrapped up each week so there’s no need to keep a scorecard—meaning, you can watch from any episode and it will make sense (well, as much as it can make).

And just when you’re thinking to yourself, “I know what it’s all about!”—I should tell you this: see that vegetarian church-goer who does Pilates over there? He might just be the Big Bad Wolf.

Grimm premieres October 28, 2011 at 8/9c. 


  1. Tatiana deCarillion

    I’m looking forward to this, but with trepidation–NBC is batting pretty much around ZERO this season 🙁

  2. Becky Hantsbarger

    It could prove interesting. I think it’s at least worth one look; possibly two!

  3. Megan Frampton

    I am hearing all kinds of buzz about this already, from ppl who’ve seen the 20-minute preview. Could make Friday nights not such a wasteland, right?

  4. Tatiana deCarillion

    Well, I dunno–I like Friday nights, atm–Nikita, Supernatural, Fringe, and Chuck starts up this week, as well…between the DVR and Hulu, we are watching them all LOL

  5. Clare 2e

    I’m loving some Supernatural this season, too, although I thought I’d love the Spike/Cordelia episode more. Still, I heard some sleepy stories about th Grimm pilot from someone with early access. I really want it to work, but we’ll see. . .

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