Discount: The Advocate’s Daughter by Anthony Franze

Lee Child called The Advocate's Daughter, Anthony Franze's debut legal thriller, “smart, sophisticated, suspenseful, and written with real insider authenticity. A winner.”

It's that “insider authenticity” that makes Franze stand out from the pack, as when he's not writing novels, he works as a lawyer in the Appellate and Supreme Court practice of a prominent Washington, D.C. law firm. Every chapter is laced with details that only someone like Franze can provide. And it helps that the story is compelling too.

When Sean Serrat, a Supreme Court lawyer, finds out that he's on the short list to be nominated to the U.S. Supreme Court, his life seems to be on the brink of wild success. But then his daughter, Abby, goes missing. Soon after, Abby's lifeless body is found in the library of the Supreme Court, and the ensuing media frenzy threatens to erase more than just Sean's career. 

To help celebrate the upcoming publication of Franze's next book, The Outsider, you can now buy the ebook version of The Advocate's Daughter for only $2.99. Get it while you can!

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