Find My . . . Home Invader?

Find My iPad
Where’s Waldo, indeed!
If you’re an iPhone or iPad user, you’re probably familiar with a little app called “Find My iPhone.” Unfortunately for a pair of home invasion suspects in Chicago, they were not. They broke into several homes, pistol-whipped the occupants and stole their vaulables. Including an iPhone. According to the Chicago Tribune,

The break in the case came when a UIC police officer, who was assisting Chicago officers, used a GPS monitoring application on one of the victims’ phones and tracked the home invaders.

The GPS pointed police toward the 100 block of West North Avenue, where they arrested one of the suspects after a short foot chase. The other was arrested in the 3200 block of North Clark Street. Officers recovered a long-barrel .357 Magnum revolver and one victim’s wallet.

Ah, technology. Even if you don’t announce your criminal activities on Facebook, it can still trip you up.

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