Fangtastic Fakes: Monsters Too Good to be True

Recognize this critter?
Have you seen me?
As we roll toward the end of Undead April here at Crime HQ, we want to remind you that although zombies undeniably exist, not every monster out there is real. Courtesy of our friends over at Blastr, here are Sixteen Big Monster Finds that Turned Out to be Big Monster Fakes. Some you may recognize, some you may not. You can find out all the details over on Blastr, so here we’ll just give you a selection of their names. (My personal favorite is the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus.)

The Feejee Mermaid
I don’t think this is what Disney had in mind.
The Cardiff Giant
The Feejee Mermaid
The Furry Trout
The Martian Monkey
The Giant Penguin
The Hodag
The Jenny Haniver
The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus
The Pickled Dragon
Modern Day Diplocaulus
The Loch Ness Flipper Photo

So, what do you think is out there? What’s real and what’s fake? What hides in the dark corners of your bedroom at night?

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