Discussion Questions: Those Girls by Chevy Stevens


Those Girls

Reading Group Discussion Guide

1.     Throughout the novel we observe the dynamics between the three sisters. How would you describe each sister’s role? Do their roles change as the novel progresses?

2.     In what ways do we see how the experiences Dani, Courtney, and Jess had as children and teenagers affect the relation¬ships they have and how they relate to people as adults? How are they each affected differently?

3.     Why do Dani, Courtney, and Jess decide to flee after killing their father? Do you think fleeing was their only choice, or do you think they should have taken a different path?

4.     Do you think the sisters were too trusting of Brian and Gavin when they met them? Would you have accepted their help if you had been in a similar position, or would you have reacted differently? At what point did you begin to think the boys were truly a dangerous threat?

5.     In this novel we see horrible acts of cruelty, but also acts of great kindness and compassion. Which characters display compassion and generosity? What motivates them to do so?

6.     Do you think Jess did the right thing by hiding the truth from Skylar for all those years?

 7.     What was your reaction to Skylar’s decision to run away to find Courtney? Would you have done the same thing in her position?

8.     Were you surprised by the way things turned out in the end? What did you expect to happen? Did your expectations change as the novel progressed?

9.     How did you react to Courtney’s decision to sacrifice herself to save Skylar?

10.     Reflect on the structure of the book, which is written in two parts. How did it affect your experience as a reader? Were you surprised by the way the first part ended? What were your expectations for the second part?

11.     What do you imagine the future to hold for Dani, Jess, and Skylar?

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