Case Closed Podcast Season 3: A Murder in Amish Country—Listen Now!

Criminal Element is thrilled to share that the Case Closed podcast from Macmillan Podcasts is back with a new season! For the past two seasons, we’ve shared true crime stories that have been solved, so you always walk away feeling satisfied—no frustrating cliffhangers or ambiguous endings.

Based off of A Killing in Amish Country by New York Times bestselling crime author Gregg Olsen, this season takes the sensational aspect of true crime to a new level by focusing on a community shrouded in mystery—the Amish.

Thirty-year-old Barbara Weaver was content to live as the Amish had for centuries—with no modern conveniences and as a dutiful wife and mother. But her husband Eli longed for a life beyond horses and buggies, and had a penchant for using a cellphone that he wasn’t supposed to have. When Barbara was found shot dead in her own bed, all eyes turned to Eli…until another player entered the scene of the crime. Who would kill a mother of five, a devout member of the Amish community, and a loyal wife?


Dying to listen? You can binge all of Season 3 right now on Stitcher Premium at Use promo code CLOSED to get access to weekly, ad-free episodes.

New episodes are being released week-by-week on all major podcast platforms. Check back here for the latest episodes from the Case Closed!

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