Capturing More Than Crime with Surveillance Video

Have you seen the guys on this store surveillance video at Check it out if you hang out near Wayne, New Jersey, because these young men are wanted by the community… for being cool. Staff at store had the security cameras running but forgot to lock the doors. When the men in question entered, they called out for assistance, but when no one came, they took sunglasses and batteries and….left money for them on the counter.

The store would like to reward them, and we'd like to thank them for warming a tiny, soot-black shard within our anthracite hearts.

Now, if we could only get these “New Jersey Men” to have a sit-down with “Florida Man.”



  1. Terrie Farley Moran

    It’s how you behave when no one is around that says who you really are. Hooray for these. . .gentlemen.

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