Call Blade! Vampires Found in Bulgaria

Okay, so last week we were all worried about a Zombie Apocalypse but this weeek we have reason to fear more undead. Suspected vampires were found in Bulgaria. Of course they were from hundreds of years ago, back in the days when superstitious villagers were attempting to stop the infected from becoming undead blood suckers.

While this is startling to all the silly non-Bulgarians, according to Bozhidar Dimitrov, chief of the National History Museum in Sofia, Bulgaria, more than 100 suspected vampire skeletons have been discovered across Bulgaria and the Balkans. How were these vampires killed, you wonder? Not with a stake through the heart; that apparently wasn’t enough. No, these skeletons had iron rods driven through their chests. But then again, would you be willing to risk that your dearly departed great-aunt Tilly would take a nibble off you after dark? Me neither.


  1. Cat


    Not Pagans at all as Bulgaria has been a Christian state since the adoption of Christianity as state religion in 865, and therefore the primary faith is Eastern Orthodoxy of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church.

    Was this meant as a slur against pagans or just sloppy research?

  2. Jennifer Proffitt

    Dear Cat,
    Thank you for pointing out this mistake in my research. The news source I got this information from originally used the word “pagan” and so I thought it was the appropriate word. I have changed “pagans” to “villagers.” It wasn’t intended as a slur or as sloppy research and thanks again for pointing this out.

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