Bollywood Heist Film is Many More Movies in One

At almost three hours, Happy New Year is a film with the run time to contain its comedic diamond heist, Bollywood dance competition spectacular, high-budget action flick, and then revenge film (they could have fit an extra buddy cop movie in there, too). The holiday of the title isn't in winter, but is instead the autumn celebration of Diwali, the enormously popular 5-day long Hindu “festival of lights” which just took place, coinciding with the film's release. But according to Deadline, HNY has also been simultaneously released internationally, providing early box office estimates covering “the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia… The film also released in North America [260 screens], the UAE, the Netherlands, Kuwait and Pakistan.” Will you hunt down this lavishly over-the-top kitchen-sink of a caper movie?


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