Bid on Bonnie and Clyde’s Boomsticks

Eighty-two years ago this month, Bonnie Parker met Clyde Barrow, and a bloody, pell-mell chapter in American history began. According to the Daily Mail, a pair of the pair’s guns are set to go up for auction, including a .45 caliber Thompson sub-machine gun (aka “Tommy” gun) and the 12-gauge Winchester 1897 model shotgun seen here.

Bonnie and Clyde at leisure/ BBC
Bonnie and Clyde at leisure/ BBC

These two guns were recovered by a cop in a bungled raid in 1933, along with the camera holding this photo of the pair clowning on its film.  We know the raid didn’t go perfectly, because Bonnie and Clyde continued their thieving, bank-robbing, murderous ways for another two years. Since then, the guns have been passed from cop to cop, and even lived for awhile in a police museum.  Now, they can be yours, if you can afford to bid on two of the most notorious collectibles imaginable!

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