The BeSSSt Python Cake From An Ophidiophobic Baker

Francesca Pitcher of the UK’s North Star Cakes is a very talented sculptor and baker, but more than that, a very generous mom. We know this, because she faced her own deep fear of snakes, using a half-dozen sponge cakes and white chocolate fondant to craft this Amelanistic Burmese python, the real version being one of the most deadly non-venomous snakes there is. Pitcher’s daughter requested the ssssspooky sssixth birthday theme after a zoo visit, and it’s so hard to believe it’s just a cake, you’ll have to scroll down to be sure.

Get more info and great images at the Mirror and learn how its baker had to lock the finished cake away because she couldn’t bear looking at it. The kids, on the other hand, fought over who got to eat the head. Pythons of the world second that emotion.


  1. Brian Greene

    I applaud her bravery and inventiveness.

    And I’m afraid of the snake cake.

  2. Ty Treadwell

    I’ll bet the kids who didn’t get to eat the head threw a hissy fit.

  3. Clare 2e

    @BrianGreene It is creepily real, perhaps infused with the baker’s own dread.

    @TyTreadwell I sssee what you did there.

  4. Ty Treadwell

    A person could look slither and yon and not find a scarier snake cake!

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