Back in the Habit: Fake Nuns Hide Cocaine Under Costumes

No banks were robbed and this wasn't in Florida but it sure was odd!
No banks were robbed and this wasn’t in Florida but it sure was odd!
Nursing a habit can lead to dangerous territory, especially when you’re smuggling drugs under said habits. On the Caribbean island of San Andres, three women were stopped by the police after they seemed to be acting…uncomfortable…in their nuns’ habits.

According to Huffington Post, Police Captain Oscar Davila said the three women appeared nervous, and the fabric of their clothing didn’t look right.

When police found more than four pounds of cocaine (two kilos) strapped to the legs of each woman, Davila says all three broke into tears and launched into tales of financial hardship.

The three had just come off a plane from Colombia and were arrested for trafficking. It’s certainly not the strangest way we’ve heard of trafficking drugs—there was the cannon-propelled weed and the meth disguised as Snickers to consider after all—but we can say fewer people will be nursing a habit thanks to this arrest.

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