Art and Science Collide: Be Careful Where You Leave Your DNA

A Brooklyn art student has taken art and science to a new level. Those photographs of your DNA are so last year, and Heather Dewey-Hagborg knows the next trend in DNA art. Dewey-Hagborg is a conceptual information artist and took to the street of New York City for her most recent project. 

Using items found on the sidewalks of New York—pieces of chewing gum, hair from the Penn Station bathroom—Dewey-Hagborg created sculptures of strangers using the DNA found in these personal items. The DNA could show eye color, face shape, but often left out factors like age. She then used a 3D printer to bring the faces to life. Do you think you’ll find any familial resemblances in the portrait gallery?

Hat tip to Yahoo! Broken News for sharing this artist.