Why I Believe in Blue Bloods

I wasn’t sure why I kept watching Blue Bloods until this week because the show has many faults.

The police procedural aspect of the show is serviceable, not great.

It seems all New York City crime is solved by Danny Reagan, sometimes with an assist from his little brother, Jamie or Danny’s partner of the week.

It’s also frustrating that Danny Reagan’s jurisdiction seems to include all of Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs. The show also needs to be a bit less white bread in one of the most multicultural cities in the world.

Erin Reagan, the show’s main female character, has very little to do save act as foil for the menfolk.

Tom Selleck is glum a great deal of the time. (Where did Thomas Magnum’s charm go?)

And yet when I watched the season finale earlier this month, I finally knew why I watched.

In the world of Blue Bloods, tragedy can be overcome, family always gives their support, despite disagreements, and people have hope in the future.

Granted, at the end of the finale, I said to my husband, “Look, the Reagans saved the whole city again!” And it was schmaltzy, that’s for certain, though it was a nice touch that the downtrodden residents of a housing project were somewhat responsible for their salvation and it was acknowledged that New York City cops do sometimes cross the line into brutality. I only wish Danny’s repeated stepping over the line was viewed the same way.

But it’s kinda nice to have a hopeful show in which people try hard to do the right thing and then sit down for dinner and visit with those they love.

It’s like a modern, police-based update of The Waltons.

Now if Tom Selleck’s police commissioner would just lighten up a bit once in a while.

Corrina Lawson is a writer, mom, geek and superhero, though not always all four on the same day. She is a senior editor of the GeekMom Blog on Wired.com (www.wired.com/geekmom) and the author of a superhero romance series and an alternate history series featuring Romans and Vikings in ancient North America. She has been a comic book geek all her life and often dreamed of growing up to be Lois Lane.

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  1. Jennifer Proffitt

    I often want to scream at Erin during this show and cringe at the tactics of Danny, but yes, there’s just something special about this show that makes me watch it, week after week, even when I don’t love the procedural aspect of it. Great post!

  2. Lana Baker

    Papa Reagan needs to get laid. Or at least go on a date. Preferably without asking his daughter for permission. lol

    I think the family stuff is why I keep watching. I think you nailed it: It’s like a modern, police-based update of The Waltons.

  3. Mary Saputo

    Sorry, guys, but I watch because THERE’S NOTHING ELSE ON – at least, of any caliber. Give me something else to watch and I’ll be long gone!

  4. Barbara Fowler

    I am not sure how I got your post but agree with what you say. Like a modern “Father Knows Best” or “The Waltons” . I love it and my kids can’t stand it/

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