Are You Caught Up on David Tennant’s Broadchurch?

Not too long ago, Leslie Gilbert Elman added Broadchurch to her “U.K. Crime TV Shows We'd Like to See” Wish List. Last Wednesday, she got her wish with the premiere of the long-anticipated Broadchurch starring David Tennant and Olivia Colman as police inspectors looking into the death of a young boy in the small community of Dorset.

BBC America offers up the first episode on their site and shows off Tennant's amazing skills. Did you catch the first episode? Will you be tuning in for Episode 2 tomorrow night?


  1. Albert Tucher

    Yes, and yes.

    I found the small town complications especially interesting.

  2. Asfandancer

    Definitely adding this show to my list of must see.

  3. betsy shipley

    Absolutely I will be watching tomorrow and for the rest of the series. Another brilliant series from the BBC! I guess you Luther fans know that a new Luther series starts in early Sept.
    I so look forward to most of the BBC dramas that just about run circles around anything produced here in this country, exception being The Killing.
    Happy watching

  4. Manda Collins

    Definitely! And it was nice to see the sun shining in England. The setting in Dorset is a refreshing change from the usual London rain and clouds.

  5. KarenbytheSea

    Hi I’m a Brit and we’ve already seen this series and it is fantastic, stay with it right to the end – you won’t regret it. Interestingly enough, if you’re interested in such things, Broadchurch is not a BBC production, it was shown here on ITV, our main commercial channel. Enjoy.

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