Announcing The M.O.’s “Wishful Thinking” Story!

Thanks for checking out our shortlist of great short crime stories and voting! We're excited to announce the “Wishful Thinking” story we'll be publishing in its entirety is…

“The Cocoon” by Louis Rakovich

We were, again, delighted and vexed by the overall quality of the story submissions as well as those of the four finalists. In a couple of weeks, we'll have the reader-selected story here for your perusal and enjoyment! On Friday, July 10th, you'll see the chrysalis emerge at last!


  1. Peter DiChellis

    Congrats, Louis! Looking forward to reading this.

    Peter DiChellis

  2. Garrett Griesenbeck

    Way to go, Louis! Great work!

  3. Seana

    Congratulations, Louis. I look forward to finding out what this is all about!

  4. Louis Rakovich

    I’m grateful to everyone who voted, and to Peter, Kate and Seana — it was truly an honor to be shortlisted with your superb entries. Thank you!

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