American Horror Story: Peephole

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Just in case you feel like your sleep has been too restful lately, here’s a recipe for fresh nightmares: ambient noises, dilapidated mansion, singed antique photos, ol’ timey tunes from vinyl records, specimen jars in the basement—oh, and a possessed black spandex fetish catsuit in the attic.

FX’s highly-anticipated psycho-thriller (with a touch of dark humor), American Horror Story, premieres tonight at 10 P.M. EST. The Story follows the Harmons as they look for a fresh start after Ben’s (Dylan McDermott) extramarital affair and his wife Vivien’s (Connie Britton) miscarriage. They move into a house with a macabre, perverse past which I’m sure we’ll get plenty of twisted clues about its sordid history as the season progresses. Here’s a teaser trailer.

Ryan Murphy, the creator of FX’s anticipated show, American Horror Story, has this to say about the morbid scratch-and-pop opening montage.

“The title sequence is almost like a mystery. By the time you see the ninth episode of this season, every image in that title sequence will be explained. So for example, what are the jars in the basement? What is the mystery of the floating white Christening dress? Why is somebody holding hedge clippers that are bloody? Each time you watch it and you watch the week’s episode you’ll be able to say, ‘Oh that’s why that’s in there!’”

Don’t forget to take a look at the American Horror Story mystery flash game in which you can explore the house and review artifacts as they are revealed in episodes. What can you piece together?

Tomorrow, one of our bloggers will give you her take on the first episode. Check back in and give us yours!


  1. uhisthesound

    What’s the deal with the zentai suit? Can’t wait!

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