True Crime: Amateur Nuclear Engineer Edition

It is no big deal, Homer has been bringing home the yellow-cake bacon for a while now
No big deal, Homer always thought yellow-cake was a home-baked treat.
Earlier this week a Swedish man was arrested for attempting to build a nuclear reactor in his home kitchen.

The man in question, who says that his interest in nuclear physics goes back to his carefree teenage years, started by ordering radioactive material from overseas suppliers and acquired more by taking apart a fire alarm.

The 31-year-old Swede was always fully open about his experiment with his neighbors, didn’t seem to care one way or another, and the only reason that he was caught was that he approached the Swedish Radiation Authority about the legality of a DIY reactor.

This of course comes after Mark Suppes of Brooklyn, NY has been working on his own Fusion Reactor (think “mini-sun”) in an upstairs workshop, and a 15 year old built a nuclear reactor in his garage for $3,500.00

So my question is where is the cozy/thriller/Next Stieg Larsson written about an amateur physicist trying to stop an out-of-control fridge-nuke?

Hat tip to for this one.

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