A Sprawling Tribute to the Pre-Google Days

Here at Criminal Element, we're suckers for some cool looking book-art, and the newest piece by book artist Guy Laramée has our jaws on the floor. Carved from a 24-volume Encyclopedia Britannica set, this book artist bids farewell to the long legacy of the pre-Google days. For more photos and information, check out Web Urbanist.


  1. Mel Healy

    A mesmerising piece of art alright, which certainly brought me back to a pre-Google age and had me scrambling around for more work by this guy – see http://www.guylaramee.com

    Our dad bought the family a set of Encyclopedia Britannicas, and whenever any of us kids asked him a pernickety question about life’s sweet mysteries he’d say, “Oh look it up in the encyclopedia.”

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