Who Is Your Favorite Supporting Character in the In Death series?

One of the things that makes J.D. Robb’s In Death novels such a success is the adept characterization of the supporting cast. Sure, Eve Dallas is the star, but her friends and makeshift family help create a world you feel a part of—even if it is set in a futuristic NYC of the late 2050s / early 2060s. 

With today’s release of the 44th In Death novel, Echoes in Death, we want to know who YOUR favorite secondary character is throughout the series? Could it be billionaire husband Roarke? Eve’s eventual partner and friend, Delia Peabody? Or maybe mentor and former partner Captain Ryan Feeney? 

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Don’t see your favorite character? Let us know in the comments below! 


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  1. Jean Dickinson

    I have read ALL J.D.Robb’s “In Death” books and my favorite character throughout is Dr. Mira. I greatly “admire” her but I “adore” her husband!!

  2. LW

    Where is David Baxter? He is my fave secondary !!! I really don’t consider Roarke a secondary since him and Eve are kinda at the same level

  3. Jackye

    I chose Roarke but really don’t consider him a secondary character. I think these stories are about Eve AND Roarke, not just Eve. My actual favorite secondary character is Charlotte Mira. I L-O-V-E her. She is most definately the mother Eve never had and I don’t believe Eve would be the woman she is now without her.

  4. CJA

    I agree with Jackye – I consider Rourke a primary character in this series. He was listed as a choice so I did vote for him but had he not been listed as a secondary character I would have voted for Delia Peabody.

    Love this series!!! Now on my second read…

  5. E. Taylor

    I don’t really consider Roarke a secondary character… without him, we wouldn’t have Eve, because she’d have imploded due to job stress and her personal history. They’re all great characters; it’s hard to pick just one! I love Delia Peabody, because she’s such a great balance for Eve. She’s down to earth, empathetic, open to “other philosophies,” brave, smart, loyal, and growing into a wonderful character who’s confident in her self and in her developing skills.

  6. Mara Winn

    Since Roarke was on the list, I chose him, of course….but he’s not, at least in my estimation, a “secondary” character. He and Eve are the main characters together in the series.

  7. Leeann Ortolani

    I agree that Rourke is a primary character, but since he was there, I chose him. My favorite actual secondary character is Dr. Mira and her husband. Love how the relationship between them have evolved.

  8. Patti McCune

    Bella. I love Eves reaction to her

  9. Bellarocks

    I voted for Dr.Mira. I just love her. She is so refined snd ladylike but you know deep down she could kick butt, take names, and ask questions later all while wearing her designer clothes and heels and sipping tea if you messed with her or hers. Roarke shouldn’t have been a choice as a secondary character. Yes, the series is about Eve, but without Roarke, the story would be so different. I believe the series is more about Eve and Roarke, their discovery of each other and how they have grown together. I started collecting the series when the first one was released and have every one of them. Thank you JD Robb!

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