What Is the Best Zombie Movie?

Zombies. The Undead. Walkers. Biters. 

Whatever you call them, they've left there imprint on the horror genre, ever since the release of Victor Halperin's White Zombie in 1932. While not all zombies are the same, they tend to terrify their audiences with their decaying flesh, cannibalistic nature, and unrelenting hunger. 

In my opinion, the scariest thing about zombies is their sheer numbers. The massive hoardes of the undead, all around you, doing everything they can to rip your flesh from your bones and tear your organs from your body. Sure, defeating a powerful monster might be hard—but what do you do when you're surrounded by thousands of monsters? 

<i>Dawn of the Dead</i> (2004)

So, although George A. Romero is the undoubted king of zombie films, I'd like to open the floor to see what YOU think is the BEST zombie film ever made.

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  1. Teddy P

    I would have to go with Fido.

  2. arel1

    TBH, I have a warm spot in my heart for “White Zombie”. It may not have been the best, but it was the FIRST, and if it hadn’t caught the public’s fancy, none of the others would have been made.

  3. Brett

    “What Is the Best Zombie Movie?”

    The “Thriller” video.

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