What Happens in Russia Stays in Russia: Trailer for The Dyatlov Pass Incident

The Dyatlov Pass IncidentOn February 2, 1959, in the Ural Mountains, something mysterious happened that remains unexplained to this day. A group formed as a ski tour of the Northern Urals led by Igor Dyatlov, consisting of 9 men and women, all mysteriously died. When the group failed to check in by February 12, a search party went out looking for them.

The searchers found an abandoned tent that was torn down, ripped apart from the inside, and covered with snow. Inside it, all the group's belongings and shoes had been left behind. Eventually every member was accounted for: every one of them was dead. What was strange was the manner of their deaths. The official report said that they all died from hypothermia, but three had fatal injuries consisting of major skull damage and chest fractures but possessed no external wounds. One woman was even found missing her tongue and forensic radiation tests showed high doses of radiation on their clothing.

So, really, it's the kind of event that is ripe for storytelling.  Below is the trailer for the Blair Witch-style horror movie inspired by these events. What do you think, are you in?


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