Who Killed Sister Cathy? Watch the Trailer for Netflix’s Latest True Crime Documentary, The Keepers

The Catholic Church. Sexual abuse. A murdered nun.

Netflix’s new 7-part docuseries, The Keepers: Who Killed Sister Cathy?, explores the intriguing and frustrating cold case of the murder of Sister Catherine Cesnik.

Cesnik was murdered in Baltimore, Maryland, in November of 1969, but her body wouldn’t be found for two full months. And while it originally looked like a case of a violent abduction resulting in murder, new evidence and reports of sexual abuse at the Catholic school Cesnik taught at surfaced 25 years later and put the spotlight directly on the Church—specifically Father Joseph Maskell.

This new true crime docuseries is centered on the killing of Sister Cesnik, but it’s so much more than just revisiting a cold case. Through new interviews with purported victims and an exploration of the Church and the community it served, this series investigates how a group of trusted individuals in a heavily Catholic area used their influence to allegedly abuse children—possibly murdering a woman who posed a threat in exposing them.

All seven hour-long episodes are scheduled to be released on Netflix on Friday, May 19th.

Watch the trailer below!