“There are Other Ways to See”: Trailer for Daredevil

Up next in the ever-expanding Marvel cinematic universe is Daredevil, which becomes available on Netflix on April 11, 2015. In typical Netflix fashion, the complete season will be available from the get-go, and all Marvel asks in return is that you forget about the 2003 atrocity starring Ben Affleck — He's DC's problem now.

Marvel's new, long-form version will star Charlie Cox (Boardwalk Empire, The Theory of Everything) as Matt Murdock/Daredevil — a blind lawyer whose other senses are superhumanly enhanced, thus allowing him to fight crime in an attempt to clean up New York City. Daredevil marks Marvel's move into showcasing the grittier street-level heroes that don't fight with magical shields, hammers, and suits. The show's mature rating should mean that Daredevil will be much darker than its super siblings.


  1. David Cranmer

    As a teen I had stacks of Daredevil comics. Yeah, I’ll give this series a try.

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