The ZINNG: “You Like Me! You Really Like Me!”

No Sex in the Reading Room – Sometimes, there are no words available to describe the passion and intimacy of a sexual encounter. And in literature, some authors might want to remember that before committing adultery to the page.

Thankfully for us, some authors flounder about like a dying fish when it comes to the erotic word. So, every year, The Literary Review honors the worst scene of sexual description with its Bad Sex in Fiction award. The Guardian has compiled a list of their favorite few excerpts from the list of nominees for all its cringe-worthy goodness.

Techno-Cop – The Miami-Dade Police Department is working on perfecting their new “Real Time Crime Center” technology, which employs several veteran boys (and girls) in blue, back at the station with the power of the technology, to help stop crime as it happens. Using surveillance cameras, a database of reports, and eventually a civilian-centered app for live, on-the-scene reports, these coppers can connect with the officers on the street to help keep them safe and provide integral information to assist in the call.

Grand Master Mosley The Mystery Writers of America have announced their 2016 Grand Master to be Walter Mosley. Mosley has written over 40 novels, most of them crime fiction, including the Easy Rawlins series that features Devil in a Blue Dress, which was later adapted into a film starring Denzel Washington.

In addition to announcing the 2016 Grand Master, the Mystery Writers of America also announced the 2016 Raven and Ellery Queen Award winners. The two Raven winners include Margaret Kinsman and the Sisters in Crime—a group of women mystery writers formed in 1986. The Ellery Queen Award was given to Janet A. Rudolph.

What are some of your favorite excerpts from the Bad Sex in Fiction Award list of nominees?

If sex is like pizza—even when it's bad, it's good—do you think this applies to the written word, too? Or when it's bad it's just hilarious?

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  1. Albert Tucher

    I love bad sex writing. I’m sure I have committed some myself, because my series character Diana Andrews is an excort-level prostitute. Sometimes I have to show her working

    I have come to realize that every sex scene is somebody’s idea of the worst ever written, and I have made my peace with that.

  2. Teddy P

    I would need someone to define good and bad before I can comment on this subject.

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