Courtroom Tango: Now Casey Anthony Thinks She Can Dance?

Knowing that to fully capitalize on her acquittal, Casey Anthony is bound to find her way to the Reality TV Circuit, we here at Crime HQ have decided to handicap our own competition of Dancing with the Star Criminals….

Couple 1) Dancing the quickstep are Kill Bill’s Gogo Yubari and her partner Hannibal Lecter. Gogo is known for her fleet-of-foot style, but overconfidence in her abilities may just prove to be her undoing. Luckily, she has a partner to help keep her head. Lecter is no stranger to the dance floor, having been known to cutting a swath through the ranks of socialites, and is expected to eat the competition alive.

Couple 2) Dancing the pasa doble are Casy Anthony with partner Drew Peterson. Casey is certainly at a disadvantage in this competition, having numerous issues with mis-leading cops in the past. Peterson hasn’t had the best of luck with partners to date, either, as each of the ladies he’s been paired with previously has left the competition unexpectedly.

Couple 3) Finally, dancing the waltz are Lizzy Borden and partner Jack. Word from the studio is that it took Lizzy forever to get her moves down solidly, but on the 41st try, she got it done. Jack is certainly an x-factor in this competition. No one knows much about him, except that he enjoys grapes, has a fondness for abandoned streets, and insists upon only practicing at night. Still, observers note he executes his movements with an almost surgical precision.

Those are the match-ups.  How do you score them?

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