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December 19 2017

Review: Thelma (2017)

Although mankind would like to think that they have free will throughout their life, there is the inarguable fact that one has absolutely no control over their upbringing. We are brought into this...
January 10 2017

What Is Your Favorite Winter Mystery Locale?

Brrr. It’s getting cold out there! With all the snow hitting the east coast, we started to think about all the winter mysteries out there.  There’s something extra sinister...
December 8 2016

Murder, Mystery, and Scandinavia: The Perfect Combination

If you like the setting of your murder mysteries to take place in a cold, snowy climate, you’re not alone. The newest and bloodiest murder mysteries now seem to take place in Scandinavia....
February 9 2014

Fresh Meat: Where Monsters Dwell by Jorgen Brekke

Where Monsters Dwell by Jørgen Brekke is the debut in translation of a whodunit-slash-literary thriller featuring Virginia cop Felicia Stone and Inspector Odd Sinsaker of Norway as they face...
April 24 2012

The Best Novel Nominees, or How To Handicap the 2011 Edgars

For the first time in recent memory (read: more than a decade), none of the Mystery Writers of America’s Edgar Award nominees for Best Novel have ever been nominated before. On April 26th, one of...
February 2 2012

Fresh Meat: Available Dark by Elizabeth Hand

Photographer Cass Neary is already wanted by the police for questioning when she receives a suspicious job offer that sends her from Helsinki to Iceland… with murder following her every step. I’m...
January 3 2012

Lilyhammer’s First Season Coming February 6

Netflix is entering the subscription television world with Lilyhammer, starring Steven Van Zandt as—what else—an East Coast mobster who decides that the ideal place to hide out while in Witness...
November 26 2011

Jo Nesbo, Martin Scorsese and The Snowman: Who Should Play Harry?

As we all know, books are optioned every day for film and television, but most don’t make it past that first step. But The Snowman by Jo Nesbo (Nesbø) has just come one major step forward in the...
October 20 2011

More Nesbo Frenzy for the Big AND Little Screens?

December 21st marks the first major American influx of Nordic crime screen adaptations with a take on The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. (Hell, even the Muppets wanted to remake the Larsson.) And now,...
September 8 2011

Stalking Jo Nesbo’s Headhunters

First, I love that in Norway, this clip may be a Teasertrailer, which is way more euphonic than simply “trailer,” a word as dull as a corregated metal cart furnished with formica. Next, it’s based...
July 22 2011

Karin Fossum: Quiet But Disturbing

Karin Fossum delivers Norwegian crime writing with a punch. Not the jaw breaking, bone crunching one you would expect from a sweaty, steroid pumping man-beast but a subtle, quiet one, like a martial...