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April 11 2016

Murder Ballads: Alex Segura and Lisa Levy Talk Music and His Pete Fernandez Series

Alex Segura might be the nicest guy in crime fiction. He cheers on his fellow writers and enthusiastically recommends books, comics, and music. In his entertaining newsletter, Stuff & Nonsense,...
March 24 2016

Murder Ballads: Adrian McKinty and Lisa Levy Talk Music and Detective Sean Duffy

Confession time: I had Adrian McKinty in mind when I conceived of doing this column. I basically harassed his publishers about it, when I found out he would be spending some time in New York City,...
February 9 2016

Murder Ballads: William Shaw and Lisa Levy Talk Music, Crime Fiction, and the 60s

The glory of the historical mystery is in recreating a time and place both familiar and new. Too often (for me, at least), I find the details in historical fiction maddening and anachronistic,...